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Saturday, February 23, 2013


My rating: 4.5 out 5 stars

"I will do the best I can with you Angel, and I can only give you what I know..."

~Caden Williams, aka, Chief

**Please note, there may be some cursing below. lol**

First things first, why oh why couldn't this have been book 1?! Not that this isn't common, a back story provided later on in the series, but still, WHYYYYY?! My advice to all, if you're considering reading this series, read Chief's Angel FIRST. If you've already read the first two, prepare yourself.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, OMG...fucking rip my heart out why don't you?! I have a soft spot for Chief, have since book 1, so maybe that's why had the impact that it did. Chief's Angel begins in the Summer of '85 when a then seventeen year old Mandy is fed up being expected to do each and every thing her parents expect her to. Her parents dictate everything from where she'll work to whom she'll date and Mandy is finding it hard to breathe. Teen rebellion in such cases isn't new so it was no surprise when young Mandy decides getting some ink done will give her some of that control back. What was a surprise, was the man holding the needle and his unexpected effect on her.


They couldn't be more opposite, yet the chemistry is as strong as it is immediate. This timid girl sees something in him that she hasn't seen any man previously, certainly not the boy her parents are trying to marry her off to. She's affected even by the slightest of touches as he marks her (get your minds out of the gutter my pervy peeps, I'm talking ink here! *wink*). Even  though the time was short, they each got a glimpse of the person who stood before them, expecting just that...only a glimpse. Now flash forward four years, Spring of '89, to a chance meeting at a beach party. Young Mandy is all grown up and Caden (now 25yrs old), as she insists on calling him even if he suggests 'Chief' multiple times lol, has filled out nicely, and then some. Even though Mandy can feel it in her bones that this can end so badly, she can only resist him for so long and soon, the two are dating.

A normal, new relationship can be tested even under the most normal of circumstances. These two? Please...they're a disaster waiting to happen and happened it did. Given Caden's lifestyle, Mandy not only had to adjust to the differences in him, but to his entire club, his dad, those he rides alongside...his family. Mandy was forced, more than once, to 'prove herself' and she did. I can't say she did so unscathed but she held her own. Mandy is sheltered and a bit of a 'Princess' but she couldn't be more perfect for Caden and despite everything, I still feel he's perfect for her as well.

I've come to expect an excess of drama and chaos from this author and Chief's Angel rang true. As a reader you're gushing one second, gasping another and then gritting 'What the fuck was that shit?' through your teeth, refusing to blink in case your kindle magically flashes a reasonable answer. Chief is a complex man and this book gives you the back story as to how he became the man we first met in Phoenix Rockstar.

Chief is charming, yet intimidating and while he can be playful and silly, that can change at the flip of a dime making him lethal and capable of, well...pretty much anything. Chief found his 'angel' as he was still finding himself and that can be a dangerous mix for all involved parties. This was an emotional roller coaster that ripped my heart out. Even when I wanted to kick his ass myself, my heart hurt for him and Mandy as well. Chief's Angel makes a very STRONG case that while 'Mischief' may have gotten her dads eyes, her mothers strength is what kept her going. I loved the glimpses of the side characters that would come to mean more as the series progresses. When I came across a young, curious Travis...just, awe!!

Even though there were some minor editing issues and I'm still pissed and bitter that this wasn't the first book, I found myself so invested, even to the point where I read it in one sitting. Chief is broken, as is his Mandy. As the reader, you have to decide for yourself , did he get what's coming to him? Is he just a product of his environment and upbringing? Or maybe, just maybe, this was a road only Chief could walk and somehow remain standing, though broken, in search of an angel.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"I knew I was lying when I reminded her that the fact that she was mine hadn't changed. No matter what alpha male act I might pull off in trying to intimidate her, I knew the truth. She was no longer mine. At some point during all those nights I'd spent with her, I'd become hers."

~Derek Novak, Prince of The Shade

**Please note, book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

The evening of Sophia's seventeenth birthday wasn't anything near what she was expecting. Not that a big blowout, planned by her parents, was going to take place. At the young age of nine, Sophia's mother was sent to an insane asylum and her father has long since turned his back. The most important person in her life is her bestfriend Ben, unfortunately, he forgot her birthday, again. Seeing his arm wrapped around another girl only added insult to injury which leads Sophia to take a late night walk along the beach to gather herself. Instead of finding some inner peace, Sophia found herself face to face wtih a gorgeous stranger who is set to turn her life into a living hell.

Lucas wants to keep Sophia for himself, add her to his extensive lot of pretty young things for him to feed from, in more ways than one. Even though he was the one who found her, Sophia is meant to be amongst the young girls who will hopefully be enough for Derek. Derek Novak, the Dark Prince and younger brother to Lucas but the most powerful Vampire 'alive' who has been asleep for 400 years. Disgusted by who he is and what he cannot control, Derek is still unable to resist Sophia so he chooses her as his own. Sophia stands strong, and is brave as she is led off to what she expects to be her ultimate demise. And then...he took her hand.

Ok, I'll admit it, I fangirled quite a bit through this YA Paranormal Romance. Between Sophia's and Derek's POV, their inner thoughts, awww. No really, sweet but not sticky sweet. This romance has depth, not just another teen 'rah rah' read. Being 'forever 18' and the most powerful vampire of which the rest of his race looks to him for guidance and security, is a lot to take on. Derek doesn't want this, he never did. Fate however had different plans.

Ms. Forrest presents a slightly different YA PNR than I'm used to. I can handle the lack of language and sex but one of my biggest issues with YA is that the paranormal 'creatures', vamps in particular, tend to lose their bite. I understand that it's a fine line when trying to stay within a certain age group and yet keep the vamps 'true to form' if you will. A Shade of Vampire accomplishes this, with ease, in my opinion.

These vamps are ruthless and driven by blood. Even the 'good brother' who 'always has music in his head' will rip a mans still beating heart right out of his chest if pushed too far. Granted, these vamps were young when they were turned but Derek for example is roughly 500 years old so a virgin he is not. With the use of clever word play, the point is made that he doesn't simply want to play card games with Sophia but keeps it a healthy PG13. Overall, a very impressive beginning to a new YA Paranormal series from the creative mind of Bella Forrest. I look to read more from this author and highly anticipate what happens next in 'The Shade".

Want to know more? Visit for a sneak peak at the first 6 chapters!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TEASER for Soul Bender (A Touched Girl Series #2) by Robyn Jones-PLUS GIVEAWAY!!

Today I'm pleased to reveal not only the cover for  Soul Bender, the 2nd installment of the A Touched Girl Series by Robyn Jones, but also a sneak peak of chapter 1!!! Soul Bender is set to release on March 11th so you have plenty of time to hop over to amazon and grab book 1, Soul Walker for FREE (Feb. 18-22). Link provided below...

Soul Walker

Did I mention giveaway? Indeed! Following the excerpt, get your entries in for a chance to win Amazon gift cards!

I watched a serene Ella run the steaming iron over my uniform skirt. She had Good Morning America on mute, while her insect-themed stained glass lamps competed with the early morning sun.
“Not very much material here, Little Chickie.” I nodded, unable to process the image before me. Mother Hen Ella. “Did you remember to pack your PE clothes? I can’t believe they refuse to count your year of swimming at your old school. Your dad, he-” Her faraway gaze snapped me to attention.
“I heard you talking to Mr. Howard. You gave it your all.” She chuckled and granted me a regal head nod. The woman tried her very best not to cuss at the Vice Principal. “Dad said he was a decent guy.” Sam Pierce had good instincts about people, so when Mr. Howard promised no one would hold my quirks against me it was enough.
“Go check your backpack one more time.” I wanted to stay put and watch more of Ella humming in domestic bliss. When my words hung in the air for an extra second, I realized I said that out loud. “Here you go.” Without a bit of gruff, she playfully tossed me my pleated dark grey and pink pinstriped skirt. “Don’t you bend over in that thing.” She tossed the pink blouse next and started on Sara’s uniform.
I walked over to the vibrating bouncer and ran my fingers down baby Sam’s face, grinning at my new level of control. As a rule, babies made me dizzy. Unlimited future potential used to mean constant streaming visions. Now it meant an occasional itch to take a peek. The grin faded as soon as I thought of the reasons for the ever-growing control. My parents, the river, Eric’s mind-prison, and lastly, little awful Emily. My guide. My nightmare more like.
“You’re doing the head shaking again. Should I drive you? I’m not sure Betsy’s-”
“You’ll cry all over the place if you take me.”
“I’m banning you from spending any more time with that smart mouth cousin of yours.” I straightened up, volleyed the regal head nod back to Ella, and chuckled my way to the bathroom. I had to get my shower in before Sara woke up.
Last week as a family, we gathered at the dining room table to design a baby/school schedule. Since I woke up the earliest, I took first shift. Ella decided she needed to wake up at the same time so she could cook and iron our uniforms. I thought Betsy’s brain was going to explode with snarky comments, but she shook it off, literally; she stood and wiggled her whole body. “This is me behaving, El.”
The moment I stepped into my bedroom, hot arms banded around me and pulled. The door shut quietly with me on the dangerous near-naked side. I felt his heart pounding and gloried in the fact that this boy was crazy about me. So crazy he risked Ella’s wrath to sneak in morning kissing time.
“Hi,” I said with post-shower hot cheeks.
“Happy first day of school,” Peter whispered in my ear. “Are you sure about me not going with you?” The “Are you sure” question again.
“I can’t think with you around. I have to do a good job.”
“I know you’re not a fan of platitudes like ‘Your parents are proud of you.’” I groaned into his chest. He chuckled. “I like that, Anna.”
“You can’t put your training on hold anyway. Never mind the parents part of this.”
“Okay, never mind the parents part of this. I’ll train while you’re in school. You’ll promise not to talk to any vampires, and then at 3:15 you’re mine.” I was smiling when he slipped a hand behind my neck and held me there for the softest, sweetest kiss.
“You cannot wear your uniform around Jared,” he said on my wet lips. “He’s going to be impossible.” It was his turn to groan.
“I like that, Peter.” I tried for a cool delivery, but snorted instead. I never knew I snorted like the old lady. My parents would have teased me if I had.
“Hey,” he said as he stilled my weaving hands.
“I laughed with them. I’m sure I did.”
“Anna, you laughed till you fell to the ground. Your parents loved it so much.” I worked at blaming the emotional quirks on first day jitters, but I didn’t get those. “I’ll be waiting in the parking lot like those guys in the movies leaning against their cool cars with their hands in their pockets.”
“So my vamp boyfriend will be there with his Subaru wagon doing his best not to bite the student body?”
“Exactly.” He kissed my neck before sneaking in that my parents are proud of me, it’s okay to miss them, and he knows me. He liked saying the last one.
Betsy arrived just as Ella finished magically flipping her pancakes to circular perfection. I watched raptly, but knew I was a lost cause when it came to spatula skill.
“Shit! I’m too late?” I peaked out the kitchen to see Betsy standing next to the ironing board. “You people are like birds.” When my only response was to stare, she threw her arms up. “You know, you wake up at the crack of dawn?”
“Oh, yeah.”
“Superb conversational skills, weird girl. El, how about ironing Anna’s PE uniform?” I turned around to see if Ella was midway flipping Betsy off. My grandmother continued her happy domestic glow as she plowed through making breakfast for three girls on their way to school.
The little cousin chose a better audience and went upstairs to get ready with Sara. I decided not to say anything about my mom’s number one rule of never leaving your house in pajamas.

“I don’t understand,” I said for the tenth time. Betsy threw Ella’s old person magazine at me.
“Yes, okay. I’m Miss Perfect,” Betsy finally admitted. Pristine uniform with the exact right hem length. Sweet pink lipstick. And blonde hair that makes you squint to catch sight of a glowing halo.
“Angel Betsy,” I cooed.
“Ugh. Don’t even-” Too late. Her hair felt as soft as it looked. The little cousin’s protests faded with the sound of Sara kissing baby Sam goodbye.
The chatter-filled car ride, the early morning wake up, and the previous night’s sneaky make out session hit me at the same time and I fell asleep. Emily tapped her annoying little girl foot and told me, “Again!”
“No more training, little Em.” Emily charged my dream-self. I recognized her expression; it was her “I’m gonna have fun making you cry” look.
“Wake up. We’re here,” Betsy announced loud enough to pull me away from my hellish nap. “Listen, Anna.” She kept her head facing forward as her prettily painted pink nails drummed on the steering wheel. “You should stick to me like glue.” I expected her to lay down conditions, insult me some, then grumble about being saddled with me. “Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do.” I flipped back and forth between Sara and Betsy, noticing they had a silent conversation going on.
“This isn’t my first day of school ever.”
“Right, then.” The second Betsy climbed out of the car, she visibly transformed from petulant mouthy teen to princess A-student. Sara remained her elegant, gentle self, but there was something in the way she stood, proud like.
I slid out of the backseat and watched them work up a tangible level of excitement. Sara spoke with her hands. Betsy bounced. My little cousin bounced. Then they were swarmed by only one type of teenager. The preppy, stunning kind. The guys were tall. The girls all had shiny flowing hair.
“Who’s that?” one of them asked. For whatever reason my chin jutted out and my eyes narrowed. Betsy visibly paled. Sara gaped. When the pretty people all turned toward Betsy, I shook my head at her. She nodded back. I wanted to shout to her that I was letting her off the hook; I wouldn’t bring her down.
She responded to my self-sacrificing gesture by waving her hand in my direction and saying my name. Sara shouted for me to hurry up, which was odd enough to get my feet moving.
“My island-hopping cousin, Anna,” Betsy said as I made my approach.
“Hey, I read about you online,” a couple of them said at the same time. Who knew what they really looked like? I kept my eyes on the school. Students were piling in, pink blouses moving like those birds in the sky that hop from tree to tree.
“Not very talkative, your cousin.” The voice rumbled as if he was older, so I actually looked at this one. Then I took a deep breath. Not a vampire. Stupid power. For more than one reason I hated the ability to sniff out vamps. First, human girls didn’t do that. Second, I loved the lone power I grew up with even if it turned me into this odd Little Duckie.
“Trent, leave her alone,” a hair flipping, gloss-wearing girl said next to Mr. Tall, Blond, and well-suited-for-the-swim-team. He had that kind of build and face.
“Leave Anna alone,” Betsy said. “She’s my family.” Suddenly the world shifted by a few inches and I realized I’d gone up on my tiptoes. The sun shot diagonal beams of light at us as we stood just outside the front doors to St. Lucy’s, and all I wanted to do was twirl in the warm rays. I was Betsy’s family.
“Moment’s over, Anna,” my newest hero said quietly from a few feet away. We were alone and I had slipped into a twirl.
“Are we late?” I asked.
“No, but you know how to freak out a bunch of spoiled shits.” I wanted so much to ask her why she wasn’t telling me to behave. “I thought your boyfriend was going to go here?” I followed her slow pace to the double doors.
“I can’t think with him around. I need to do a good job.”
“Because your dad enrolled you here?”
“I’m not sticking to you like glue.” She nodded.
“We’ll see.” She bounced ahead as soon as we entered the foyer. Shiny black and white checkered linoleum stretched in all directions. Straight ahead were the main offices. To the immediate right and left were extra-wide staircases. Framed pictures of all the previous graduation classes lined the peach colored walls. My dad chose a Catholic, mostly girls, art deco high school.
Three chimes rang out, a Pavlovian trigger that turned sparkling floors and tall ceilings into a chamber of busy talk and shuffling feet. People passed by in a sort of body-to-body bump/shove/mash while I stood still. Future potential that rivaled babies and little kids slammed into me. So much for control.
“Are you Anna?” Tall, thin, and just barely grown up looking. “I’m Mr. Howard. I’ve been on the look out for you. How about I walk you to homeroom?” I almost hugged his arm. He looked like he would keep me from floating away. He waved to the right. Students continued to struggle their way to freedom despite the grand width of the staircase.
I shook my head. “Homeroom is upstairs? That doesn’t seem right.” He chuckled.
“Doesn’t seem right?”
“You start your day at the bottom and work your way up. That has a better feel to it.”
“First time I heard a theory as to where homeroom should be.” He led the way, so I squared my shoulders (thought it would make me feel braver), and followed the Vice Principal. The moment a wave of aqua hair filled my vision, I lost sight of my helpful school guide.
“Uh, okay,” the girl with the punk hair said. The next person to shove her way in front of me as I made like a turtle up those steps had graffiti-style crosses drawn all over the light blue material of her Jansport backpack.
“You have crosses all over your bag,” I told her.
“Don’t judge. God is cool.”
Before I could ask her why she didn’t write God all over instead of human made torture/death devices, Mr. Howard appeared at my side. He looked up at the now-hostile girl in front of me. “Elizabeth, welcome back. How was your summer?” Bad attitudes must plague girls with that name.
“I prayed for you, Mr. Howard.” His brow rose as a single unit. “I’ll pray for you too.” She looked down at me, I mean, really looked down. “Hey! Watch it!”
The boy who just shoved his way in front of me, consequently propelling Elizabeth two rows of stair climbing teens over, offered a consolation shrug and nothing else.
“Young man-”
“Name’s Cody James. Did you want to escort me to my homeroom too?” I instantly thought of Betsy, not school-version Betsy, but the snarky one who always had a comment at the ready. He turned back enough for me to catch his smirking mouth and cute dimples.
“Anna,” Mr. Howard said in a strange sort of parental voice. I stopped staring at the boy with the tangled midnight black hair and completely unironed white shirt, as if he’d snatched it out of a cold dryer only minutes ago, and black pants. Not pants, jeans.
“He’s a rule breaker,” I said without thinking. I caught Cody’s shoulders shaking up and down.
“Good, we have that taken care of.” Cody disappeared in the throng of fellow students all moving at a zombie pace. I stood like a broken dam in the middle of all of it. “You’re to the left, room 203.”
“My grandmother isn’t happy with you,” I said as I finally made my feet move. He chuckled.
“She told me that.”
“Happy first day of school, Anna.” I thought of Peter whispering those words in my ear, same words, very different effect.

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WINNER announced for Women of War giveaway!!!

And the winner is...


Via, Jacs won an ebook copy of Women of War (Of War #5) by Lisa Beth Darling!

Thanks to all that entered, and author Lisa Beth Darling for the interview and giveaway.  More giveaways to come!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

WINNER announced for 'MMM Giveaway' featuring the Rulers of Darkness series by Amanda J. Greene

And the winner is...


Elaine has won ALL 3 installments of the Rulers of Darkness series! Author Amanda J. Greene was so kind as to add to the giveaway by offering the first two books while PRUFreads gave away the most recent, Caressed by Crimson Moon.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the giveaway! We will definately be doing more MMM Giveaways in the near future. If you have any giveaway ideas, I would love to hear from you. Send your suggestions to



My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Besides, that's cliched and predictable. If I were going to attempt something so ham-fisted I would have pulled you into my chair twenty minutes ago, brought you to your first climax ten minutes ago and had you begging for release again five minutes after that. All without removing a stitch of my own clothing."

~Nial that. Blood Knot is the first of the Blood Stone series and the first I've read from author Tracy Cooper-Posey. Trust me when I say, it won't be the last. Smut; there's a lot out there. I can't tell you how many books I've picked up only to discover that sex is literally the only thing carrying the story. There is no depth, no character building, barely a plot to speak of. Blood Knot was NOT such a book.

Winter is a top notch thief with a special gift. Having the ability to manipulate a persons biology by a simple touch comes in handy in her line of work. Not only can she use her gift against any obstacles she encounters by putting them to sleep and wiping their minds, she can also repair and heal those who have been wounded. When her 'partner in crime' of the past three years, Sebastian, is gravely injured while saving her life, she doesn't think twice to jump right in and heal him. Thing is, she heals him a little too well and strips him of his Vampirism. Oopsie. Guess they didn't know one another as well as they thought. By healing him, she inadvertently linked the two of them in a way neither is happy about and it results in Sebastian disappearing, and asking that she not try to contact him.

Enter Nathanial, aka Nial, who is Sebastian's ex-lover. Things didn't end well with Nial and Sebastian but that doesn't stop Nial from seeking him out when Nial needs a job done, a job only Sebastian and Winter are able to complete. Said job is of great importance and is critical to the entire Vampire race. Nial wasn't prepared for the pull he would feel towards the feisty redhead when his search for Sebastian leads him to Winter's door, and so their journey begins...

Hells bells and then some. Blood Knot is an exceptionally hot read and not your typical 'love triangle'. There's sex and lots and lots and LOTS of it, but at the same time, the storyline is fascinating and the love laced throughout breaks all molds. Typically, when it comes to love triangles, I tend to lean towards one man or the other but not this time. As the story unfolded, I drifted back and forth between the two men and who I adored the most and then it dawned on me, the author allowed me to not have to choose and so I didn't. I fell for both leads and where there's ones weakness, comes the others strength.

Blood Knot gives the reader a kick ass heroine, two exceptionally hot alpha male leads, action, love, betrayal and WHITE HOT steam scenes that will leave you breathless. I look forward to reading much more from this author.

For more, visit

Scanguards Vampires series update PLUS trailer!!!

Scanguards Vampires series author Tina Folsom has just announced that book 7, Oliver's Hunger will be released this Spring!!! In the meantime...

I'm not usually one for book trailers, guess I've just seen too many bad ones. This one on the other hand...YESSSS!!! Can't wait for Oliver's book! For more, visit Tina's website

Sunday, February 17, 2013

WINNER chosen for SOUL AVENGED ebook giveaway!!!

And the winner is...


Robyn has won an ebook copy of Keri Lake's Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath #1)

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway! Here's hoping it's a PRUFREADS reader who wins Keri's BIG giveaway on March 6th!!! You still have time to enter that one here.

There is still time to enter the MMM GIVEAWAY,  your choice in the Rulers of Darkness series by Amanda J. Greene. Winner will be chosen tomorrow (2/18). Enter to win here.

Also, Women of War, book #5 in the Of War series by Lisa Beth Darling,  giveaway winner will be announced Tues (2/19). Enter to win here

Saturday, February 16, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"I don't fucking care; my life without you has been dark. You are my light now; I need you, fix me Mischief, fix this."
~Travis Phoenix

Well damn, another intense and emotional roller coaster. Heart Song picks up right where Phoenix Rockstar left off. I think it's safe to say Mischief needs to be planted firmly inside off a bubble, she can't catch a break to save her life! She has needed time to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Having been gone for two years, a lot has changed and some of those changes will be hard for Mischief to wrap her mind around.

Chief has suffered and ached during the absence of his daughter, more than she initially knows. Even so, he has managed the best way he can and to Mischief's surprise, it appears Jasmine now has a place in his life as well, even though Chief has Mischief close to his heart, literally. Father and daughter reunion is both heart wrenching and shaky. Since the 'family' looks a little different now, it's going to take some time and understandably so. And then there's Travis...

My poor, poor Travis. He'll rip your heart right out. He hasn't managed well during her absence. He's furious and drowning in alcohol, women and drugs. He's lost and broken and basically doesn't know what to do with himself. Travis goes above and beyond when it comes to traits such as possessiveness and intense. Musicians tend to be driven by their hearts, regardless of what shape said hearts are in at any given time. This rings very true for Travis. He's spinning out of control and makes damn sure she and everyone else knows it. Even with all his hurt and anger, he still loves her. Travis loves her on a level that's hard to find words for. She isn't just  'under his skin', she's what runs through his veins, she is the beginning and end of every breath he takes and as angry as both of them are, they can't sever that link, their souls are intertwined. That being said, their journey continues to test both their love and their will.
I loved this book and hope there is more of the series to come. That being said, it did get a little overwhelming for me in some ways. It was always something, and I do mean always. I love a fast paced, action filled romance as much as the next girl. At times it felt that it was going to snowball and sort of get away from me a little. I would have preferred it slowed down just a bit. Overall, the Biker Rockstar series is a fascinating and angst filled romance with hot rockers and lethal bikers who love a little 'Mischief' *wink*

Friday, February 15, 2013

Interview with 'Of War' series author Lisa Beth Darling

Prufreads~First I want to thank you for dropping by Prufreads and allowing me to pick your brain today.

LBD~Thank you for having me here and for reviewing my series, I'm very glad that you enjoyed it.

Prufreads~Your 'Of War' series reads like a dark epic fantasy. How and when did this world start to take shape in your mind?

LBD~I'm happy to know that you think it reads like 'a dark epic fantasy' because that's exactly what it's supposed to be. I worked with the character of 'Ares' for years, off and on, using him as a minor-to-major character in other stories but he never got the lead role he so lusted after until "The Heart of War" (book #1 in the series) came into being.  He absolutely insisted it was high time that we told HIS story!  "Heart" started out as a stand-alone book, I had no intentions of doing another series because they're so draining, but we got to 'The End' and realized there was so much more to tell. Here we are, with 5 books in the series, and we're almost done telling the full tale.

Prufreads~ This series contains graphic scenes of violent rape, sexual assault, verbal and physical abuse of women as well as ongoing incest. How would you defend that to would be critics?

LBD~For the most part I simply don't defend my work to such critics, I learned a long time ago that doing so is equal to beating my head against a brick wall and I find that such criticism tends to tell far more about the critic in terms of who they are and where their head is at than it is a reflection on me and my work and what I do. The incest complaint always makes me groan and roll my eyes as I quietly wonder if said critics have read any books on mythology, (or the Bible for that matter).  I wonder if they know anything about the Ancient Gods at all. Usually I conclude that they don't and dismiss them.  In the end, I just don't write the glorified bedtime stories that seem so popular these days. I've never been interested in fluff--except on a peanut butter sandwich.  I write stories for adults. By that, I don't mean I write for people '18 and over' I mean I write for adults; people who live in this world, understand this world, and can handle the truth of this world. If a reader is looking for some feel-good piece they should bypass me and read another person's work.

Prufreads~ Ares is such a complex character. He's flawed and lethal but has so much heart and is even playful at times. Do you find it difficult to maintain that balance as his story progresses?

LBD~No, that's just him. That's the way he is and I love him for it.

Prufreads~ The Olympians are nothing short of corrupt and dysfunctional. Who would you say is the most and the least redeemable and why?

LBD~Yes, they are corrupt and dysfunctional just as they are in those books on mythology. I don't paint them with a rosy brush and make them into something they never were so they're more palatable for a mainstream audience, I think that's a horrible disservice to them, history, and the reader.  I also don't believe anyone is beyond redemption, I think if you sincerely want it and you work for it then you can have it.  But, out of all the characters Apollo is probably the least redeemable simply because he thinks he's done anything wrong. He thinks he's above it all and no laws or rules apply to him.  The most redeemable, of those who require redeeming, is probably Raven. If anyone felt he wasn't redeemed at the end of "Child of War-Rising Son" I'm hoping they feel differently by the end of "Kingdoms of War" but the boy will still have a mouth on him. That's just part of who he, being Ares' Son and all.

Prufreads~ The creative process is a challenging one. Which character and book has proven most difficult for you to write thus far?

LBD~I have to say that the OF WAR Series has been a joy to write and I love all of the characters. This series is truly manna from heaven for me. A gift from the Gods and I have enjoyed every moment of the creative process even when I'm staring at a blank screen trying to will the words to come. I do have an early book, "Dream Weaver" and that was most difficult to write because it's very auto-biographical on many levels. The lead female in the story, 'Lizzie Love', was most difficult because it was hard to separate the character from myself. It's an early effort, totally flawed (like me) and a little rambling (like me) but, in the end, I think it's a good story probably because of it's flaws.

Prufreads~ With the 'Of War' series wrapping up next year, what's next for Lisa Beth Darling?

LBD~I honestly don't know and I'm scared to death over it. The idea of being without Ares and Company is terrifying, I've come to love them all so much, they're family to me.  I know the my Muse--The Big Guy, as I call him--will reinvent himself for me at some point and we'll come up with another story but until the OF WAR Series is finished I'm totally in the dark on what he has in store for us down the road.  Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be dark and moody and full of surprises.  At least I hope so.

Thanks again to Lisa Best Darling for stopping by. In celebration of the Women of War (Of War #5) release, the Of War Anthology is FREE on kindle Feb. 14th-15th!!!

Also one lucky reader will win Women of War (adobe/PDF,kindle, nook,ibooks,kobo, or Sony). All you have to do is be a Prufreads follower AND comment below!  Winner will chosen via on Tues. Feb. 19th. Good luck!

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My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Yes, I loved you from the minute we sang in the rain when you were twelve, and I was eighteen. I was a boy; I should have been out grinding against girls, but all I wanted to do was hang out with the twelve year old and her dark pigtails."

~Travis Phoenix

Damn those musicians. Twenty one year old Violet is the apple of her fathers eye. Considering dear ol' dad is the lethal hard nosed leader of  the Phoenix Motorcycle Club, her childhood was 'different' to say the least. She's been splitting her time between her estranged parents for years. Mandy, Violet's mom, is the perfect loving mother. She dotes and worries about her baby girl. It's easy to picture her baking cookies and perhaps a mild mannered 'tsk tsk' now and then. Caden, aka Chief, protects his baby girl in a much different way. Just as loving and  protective, the difference being, touch his daughter and he. will. cut. you. No really, he'll string you up and  beat the ever living hell out of you. Awe...only a fathers love.

Even though her childhood was a little unorthodox, 'Mischief' (nickname given to her by her father) has bright spots. She recalls a first kiss, playing in the rain, childhood pranks and first love with a grey eyed, dimple cheeked, dirty blonde, she lovingly called 'Trav' . Six years her senior, Travis was not only the first boy Mischief ever loved, but he was also her best friend. They were inseparable, until Travis disappeared that is. He simply took off one day, leaving Mischief with a broken heart and a lot of questions. Those questions wouldn't even begin to be answered until four years later, when Travis Phoenix, ROCKSTAR, struts back into Caden's front door.

Travis has his own demons and somehow isn't quite aware of the damage he caused when he left town all those years ago. Mischief hasn't just grown up, she's also been through a lot and is still haunted by scenes of the past.She must always look over her shoulder, for more reasons than one. As the son of former club leader,Travis has always been welcomed by Chief. He's the son he never had but how welcoming will he be when it comes to Travis and his baby girl?

I have to say, Phoenix Rockstar surprised me.  I went in expecting a cute, spicy rocker read, something a little on the light side. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's definitely a romance but there isn't anything light or fluffy about it. Sure, I smiled a lot and fangirled multiple times (I do love me some musicians) but there was much more intensity than I anticipated which totally sucked me in. The story goes beyond Mischief and Travis, adding more depth and making for a fast pace read that threw me, more than once, with it's unexpected twists, turns and reveals.

Why not 5 stars? Well, I had a little trouble getting a good read on Violet/Mischief. In some ways, she is extremely immature which was a turn off for me. At the same time, her love for, and relationship with her parents is endearing and I felt she handled her situation with Travis, the best way she knew how. This girl has a lot on her plate and it's understandable that her emotions are all over the place and we all make mistakes under the right amount of pressure and anxiety. Trust me when I say it, Travis has ISSUES. I love an alpha male just as much as the next girl but in some ways, Travis goes beyond that, into questionable territory. Oddly enough, I liked that about the story because lets face it, there's a fine line between 'alpha' and 'abusive' and Travis stumbles a time or two, making it much more realistic in my eyes.

Here is where I'm likely to offend someone, lol. Grammar. Yes, of course it is incredibly important. At the same time, I can't help but feel that in some cases, the ALWAYS proper grammar takes away from the feel, emotion of the story that is being told, especially when it comes to conversation between characters. As Americans, we butcher the English language. It's what we do!! Some of what would have otherwise been very powerful exchanges, fell a little short for me because it felt so...mechanical. 'I am this' and 'You are not', If some of the exchanges were spoken aloud between two people, it would sound robotic. Yes, I know I'm weird but that just annoyed the ever living...anyway, I pressed on and so glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed Phoenix Rockstar and jumped straight into book 2, as will you because the cliffhanger at the end...WOW.

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Author to watch~KERI LAKE-PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!


Keri Lake is a married mother of two living in Michigan.  She writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy and loves a good, tragic love story.  Though novels tend to be her focus, she also writes short stories and flash fiction whenever distraction manages to suck her in to the Land of Shiny Things.
When she isn’t toiling away on plots and protagonists, she enjoys reading, music and travel.  If she could create mystical powers for herself, she’d have the ability to flash to anywhere in the world.  And if she could flash to anywhere in the world at this very moment, she’d be staring at the ocean from her adirondack chair on the shores of North Carolina.

Passion is blind in vengeance and love  …
Ayden’s suburban home was invaded by a pack of Lycans.
The brutal attack is the only memory she carries of her former life.
Now, one motive burns in her soul:


The Sons of Wrath—a brood of vengeance-dealing warrior demons—band with Ayden to hunt the Lycans on Detroit’s most deadly feeding grounds.
Kane Walker should’ve been her easiest kill.

Unfortunately, the newly bitten Lycan has something she wants—clues that may finally lay her past to rest.  To reach them, she must be willing to submit to the sensual pleasures awakened by his touch.

Time is running out.

In seven days, Kane will become what Ayden despises most.  She can halt his transformation but the antidote requires the ultimate sacrifice.  As the beast takes hold, Kane becomes more of a threat. Ayden must choose between her lust for revenge, or surrender to her enemy and discover a horrible truth.

You can check out my review of Soul Avenged here...Soul Avenged

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Hate Mondays. I really, truly do. At least when it was football season I had MNF to look forward to. I know I'm not the only one so in an effort to help 'Make Mondays Manageable' I'm happy to announce...

MMM... Giveaways!!!

I haven't quite decided on all the details yet, such as frequency, but lets get started anyway! Rules will always be the same, you must be a visible follower and comment below! That's it! To start things off, I've chosen the Rulers of Darkness series by Amanda J. Greene. Whether you're mid series or wanting to give it a go from the very beginning, enter to win! On Monday, Feb. 18th, one winner will be chosen via Winner may choose ONE of the following (KINDLE VERSION via AMAZON)