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Monday, January 28, 2013


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"I know those eyes," he whispered, "I know who you are."

**Please note ARC was provided by author in return for an honest review**

The Women of War, book #5 in the Of War series,  screams GIRL POWER from beginning to end. If you've read the previous books in this series, there is a good chance you've flinched a time or two. I've lost count of how many times I've screamed "WTF did he just say?!?!" The men and their blatant disrespect of not just the Fae/Fey but even of their 'own' women, mothers, sisters, is nothing short of astonishing. In this installment, the reader gets an even more in depth look at their journeys, struggles and triumphs, beginning with...

The birth of the Fae
This is going to be a tricky review for me because I don't want to say too much and spoil what was, for me anyway, a jaw dropping revelation. Five books in and the level of incest still makes my eye twitch but at the same time, it's the way of the Gods and makes for an even more fascinating story as it continues to unfold and the family trees become more clear.
Ares. I just can't help but love this flawed, rough around the edges character. This is a 'throw back' so in Women of War, Alena has not yet washed upon his shore. Therefore, we get a glimpse of the Ares before love truly touched his heart. Let me just say, this God is lethal, in every way. Whispering what wasn't exactly 'sweet nothings' into the ears of Generals, the God of War did what he does best.  Ares truly lived up to his title by creating bloodshed, chaos and fear in those who met his gaze. I should inform you that at this point I'm referring to the sisters Ares had delivered to his door to do with as he pleased and let me just say, do...and please...he did. ;-)
The story took a fascinating turn when Ares stumbled across barrier he could not pass. What rests beyond the vines that just wouldn't give would not only put Ares in a situation he isn't accustomed to but also set in motion a life changing event that would trickle down from generation to generation. Mirror mirror on the wall...
Ms. Darling continues to fascinate and pull me further into the world she has created. While she has penned Gods and Warriors with inhuman strength it's actually her women, the Women of War that truly rise above. They were shunned, raped, beaten and belittled to nothing. Still they fought, could not be broken and those who looked closely, could see their strength, and so much more... in their eyes.
For more on this fascinating series and the women that see it through, visit Ms. Darling's site moon musings .


  1. Another good review, I'm nervous whether or not to pick this one up. LOL

  2. Excellent review - I love this Of War Series and I look forward to starting this awesome book tonite. Lisa is such a talented writer and I love how she puts the thrill and excitement in each book.

    Cool site too by the way.

  3. becca-ur reading it. if it kills me...u will read it! ;-)
    ronda-thanks luv, and agreed, talented indeed. thx for stopping by. ;-)