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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"The Sons of Wrath wish to say hello."
~Head of Security

**Please note, ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review**

Hells bells. Ms. Lake has officially introduced me to a new clan of brothers to fall hopelessly in love with! I'll gladly go on the record right now and call for no less than 7 full books for this series. There are 7 brothers afterall! Please oh pretty pretty please?! Ahem. Moving on.

What would you do if your life only truely began 7 days before it's set to end? Kane Walker lives for his work, it's his entire life. He has no family, no girlfriend, he is completely engrossed in his role as the Director of a Childrens Cancer Institute in Detroit. The streets of Detroit have become increasingly violent, but even a security escort to the parking lot after work can't save him from his destiny.

Ayden, an Alexi soldier bred to slay lycans, is in contract with the Sons of Wrath to extract vengence upon the growing number of lycans plaguing the city of Detroit. For Ayden, it's personal and she will not stop until she kills the very lycan that attacked her some 5 years prior. Ayden has no sense of her life before her attack, she was saved and basically 'reprogrammed'. The result being a sleek lethal machine set on 'kill'. Before killing what will soon be another filthy lycan, the pathetic victim (aka Kane) grabs her in rush of desperation. Ayden is stunned to be thrown into mixed scenes, visions that she cannot make sense of. Are these flashes of her past, someone else's, and what does this pathetic hafling have to do with it? Instead of ending his life right then and there, Ayden takes him back to the Wrath Demon's manor while also watching her own back. Wade, leader of the Alexi, isn't thrilled to have lost his top soldier. Kane's turning process is not an instant one. It will take days for Kane to fully turn. In the meantime, while handcuffed to her bed, Ayden will study him, his transformation and look for any clues that may make sense of the visions she had through his touch. On the 7th day, she will sever his head herself.

*pause so that all my pervy readers can enjoy the pretty boy cuffed to the bed*

Welcome back. In the 7 days that followed, both Kane and Ayden not only discovered alot about one another, but also themselves. I have to say, Ayden is 100% kickass heroine. I really felt for Kane early on because despite his black hair, bronze skin, emerald eyes and charming demeanor, Ayden knocked him around, kicked his ass and enjoyed it. Ruthless. As their short time tics by, Ayden struggles, a fight within herself between what she's been programmed to think and feel as opposed to new ideas, wants and desires that are coming to the surface. Ayden has her own way of dealing with the pain and confusion, her scars have a story to tell.

 Kane can hardly wrap his brain around the information she provides, outside of hollywood productions, he didn't think such monsters existed. One thing is for certain, he will not become one of those monsters, a cold blooded killer. With this determination comes an odd sense of peace within him, knowing that he can possibly save more lives by his death. It isn't easy for Kane, he is a prisoner afterall, even though you wouldn't know it by how Miss Anna (housekeeper for the Brothers) dotes on him, brings him lavish meals, batting her lashes and is just as giddy as a school girl. Can't say I blame her though, Kane is a fantastic lead hero, he has strength and vulnerability with an alpha streak that's just getting started...

His only rival, or rival(s) I should say...

Meet the brothers...

Gavin-the leader, reformed, gorgeous and lethal

Logan-the chaotic live wire

Zeke-the impulsive, cocky, teasing playboy

Calix-the sweet 'boy next door'

Zayne-Zeke's twin, broken, jock meets goth with his multiple piercings and tats. All snuggled in a black hoodie? I. AM. DONE. FOR.

Also mentioned are Ferno and Maddox. I can't wait to 'meet' those two! With their cinnamon scented pheremones, 'like walking lollipops', what woman can resist?! Ayden seems to have won the hearts of each brother, they see her as a little sister with the exception of Gavin. Gavin sees her as something much more...complex. A girl could have bigger problems. lol

Soul Avenged is a high adrenaline, fast paced urban fantasy with fascinating characters, both lead and supporting. As the reader you will love, hate, laugh and yes, there will be tears as well. This first installment of the 'Sons of Wrath' series is an emotional rollercoaster laced with action, humor, white hot sex scenes and a love triangle that will test you many times over. Brava indeed.


  1. Bravo. Another great review, and another addition to my TBR!!!

  2. Love your review! I cannot say enough how perfect that picture is for Kane!!