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Thursday, January 17, 2013


My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

"You make me laugh, babe, I'm warnin' you now, when I'm done, I'm gonna kiss you."


** slightly spoilerish**

Gwen enjoys cocktails, hanging with her girls and taking home hot strangers whose name she doesn't know, an open invite apparently. Ahem. Gwen also has a younger half sister who is wreckless, self destructive and eyeball deep with the wrong kind of people and their wrong kind of doings. Gwen's journey begins when Ginger's antics threaten not only her own life but also those of her family, causing Gwen to take action in hopes of making things right before it's too late.

I think I may be the only person on the planet that didn't fall in love with this book. This is the first book I have read by Kristen Ashley and while I won't say 'never again', I'm not exactly bouncing in my seat in anticipation of reading another. Mystery Man has a slow start, which normally I'm fine with, but in this case not so much. Once the pace picked up, I felt as though the story was just all over the place and became too 'busy' and over the top. Even now I'm unsure what decade this story was to take place in. At first, I thought present day, but then something was apparently 'the bomb', badass, kickass and so on... and so on. Stop it. Between that and the constant 'squishy belly' and 'oh boy's', I found myself wanting to get out of 'Badass World' sooner rather than later.

And then we have the love interestSSSS...

Another glaring issue I had while reading  was the 'every man is hot' mentality of our heroine. It took awhile to be clear as to which man she really wanted to be with. Even once that seemed to be established, given their 'journey', noting anothers hotness is one thing but wondering how this one kisses or sleeping in that ones bed...really? Hmm...wonder if he is a cuddler? WHY DO YOU CARE???  I never bought the love story nor did I really understand why every single man she came across would move heaven and earth for her, anything and everything. So she's cute and a smartass, AND??? I mean if that's all it takes...
I never fell for any of the men either, which is odd cause I do love me some alpha heroes. I think there is a fine line between alpha and just simply being an overbearing dick. Too many times did Hawk trip over that line and half of the time, I just wanted him to stand there and look pretty. His manner of speech is so clipped and choppy. There were run-on sentences and since the first word was often missing, I wondered, ' he telling her or asking her?' Tossing in an 'If' at the beginning now and then would have done wonders. Ok, fine, I'll stop bitching now.
What I liked...she wears hoodies. I thought it was cute, and I can relate. Oddly enough, it added a little charm to a character I couldn't really bring myself to care about. She managed to have some sweet interaction with a couple of side characters but even those were few and far between. Hawk too had his moments and my heart broke to finally hear his backstory. Of course that also went to hell when Gwen decided to spill all the details while getting hammered with friends. Girl bonding moment, ok fine but that wasn't her story to tell. No one knew, he kept it to himself for years but she needed something to do with her mouth inbetween refills I guess.
I was leaning towards 2 stars until the end. I was glad to see a shift, a strong finish that did manage to tug at my heart strings. Unfortunately, overall, it just wasn't enough.


  1. I'm sad that the 'decade confusion' has leaked into this series as well. *sigh* but I gotta give this one a try since it's kind of tied into the Rock Chick series.

    Great review as always ;)

  2. Yaya! Great Review! U FINALLY read a Kristen Ashley book! Okay, you were not the only one who was not in love with this book. This one got only 3 stars from me as well. I could not stand Gwen & Hawk ticked me off alot too. And if you continue this series sadly you will see her (Gwen) again. Fear not, the series as a whole, gets awesome after this book. Now the 2nd and 4th book I love. I couldn't stand book 3 cos of the heroine in that either. The only book in this series I think you will love is Brock's story book 2. And possibly Tack's story book 4. He (Brock) had a brief appearance in this book and he was the only guy who wasn't into Gwen. ( so cool points already) :D

    The stories in this series takes place in the present, but the lingo, yeah throws you a bit but this is how people talk in Denver. Now, I love KA's writing I've read a few of her different series. Although her focus is all about the Alpha Male, they are all different. Given ur tastes Sis, I think you will enjoy her "Unfinished Heroes" series "Knight book 1 & Creed book 2" more. They are kinda the darker side of the coin concerning her Alpha Males. And "The Golden Dynasty" book 2 in her Fantasyland series, Lahn *sighs* you'll love that man. And the story is just heartbreakingly awesome. Happy reading :D