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Saturday, December 1, 2012


My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

"I'm not a man at all, Emma. And while some may consider me bad, I'm very good at what I do."


Seriously. Hands down, my favorite so far. I love it when a series seems to get better as it progresses instead of burning out. Duncan doesn't miss a beat. It picks up right where Sophia left off. mind was sent reeling immediately. Since the beginning of this series, Duncan was my crush, my cutie, my aww factor. He's still all of those things, and then some! That being said, that sweet, quiet demeanor, don't feel bad. Shy Duncan had me fooled too!

Duncan's personality jumps off the page in this 5th installment of D.B. Reynolds' Vampires In America series. While his relationship with Raphael remains just as tight as ever, Duncan's days as #2 are long gone. Embarking on a new territory and a new role isn't the only thing Duncan has on his plate these days.

Emma's best friend is missing and she demands answers, sneeking onto the local vamp 'embassy' for starters! It is there where she first lays eyes on Duncan, and Duncan lays eyes on her. I will admit, there was really no build up at all. The attraction was instant but that was perfectly fine by me. This was still a fast paced, action packed, steamy read. It was gritty and had me trying to 'guess who'. I love how it continues to become more and more apparent just how much Raphael means to Duncan and how much he has influenced his immortal life. Even his choice in women, has Raphael's influence written all over it. There is some brief Cyn/Emma interaction that had me giggling at the possibilities of those two coming face to face. Cyn has grown quite fond and protective of Duncan afterall.

It seems that even the vamps in Washington D.C are corrupt. Just how corrupt is quite disturbing and the more Duncan and his people uncover, the more disgusted he becomes. The situation in D.C. pushes his limits, making it most difficult to maintain that cool composure we've come to love from him. Though a little rushed, Duncan and Emma still make for a great pairing who challenge and humble one another at the same time. There are more fantastic characters introduced in this book, characters that I hope to hear more from down the line. Great read!

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