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Friday, December 28, 2012


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

...he slipped more ice between her lips...

"Suck. It's the only thing that's going to keep me from fucking your beautiful face and coming in that hot little mouth, so you better chill it off."
~Everett Hughes

How have I not read anything from this author before?! I absolutely LOVED this book. Exposed To You is a contemporary romance, laced with some kink and BDSM. Please note, there is graphic language and sex scenes throughout. I have a friend...and let me just say, when she gets around to reading this, her ovaries are going to blow out the top of her head! Ahem, anywho...

Joy Hightower hasn't had the easiest of lives. Her childhood has left her scarred and guarded. Despite everything she has maintained a close relationship with her uncle, Seth, who is only about 10 years her senior. They share a tight bond through both family and loss but they also share an amazing artistic talent.When she isn't teaching advanced art students at a local High School,  Joy works with Seth on movie sets, creating stunning allusions for Hollywoods finest. Having had an exceptionally trying day, Joy is shocked by the attraction and pull she feels towards the assumed movie 'extra' that she's painting... up close and personal. Joy throws caution to the wind and acts on impulse. She has nothing to lose right?

Everett Hughes is a mega movie star, America's golden boy, heartthrob and most eligible bachelor. He is flawless, gifted and loved by all. Everett has truly been blessed in life and all it has offered to him, yet in many ways, he feels cursed. Having never been 'lucky in love', he just assumes it's a cosmic balance for the otherwise extraordinary life he's been given. That doesn't keep him from longing for what his sister Katie has, love and family.

Just to be clear, this is a highly erotic read. That being said, there is a strong storyline to go with it. There is love, romance, loss,simply put... fundemental human emotion. Does it get kinky? Yes. Is there graphic language? Yes. Did I feel like he was just knocking her around for shits and giggles, void of any real emotional pull towards her (50*cough*Shades)...NO. Exposed To You is the type of erotic read that will break, quicken and warm your heart all at the same time.

The chemistry between Joy and Everett is off the charts, shakes them both to their core, leaving both quite vulnerable. They are from two different worlds after all, or that's Joy's story atleast and she's sticking to it. Their 'dance', however, as they discover one another, the pull strengthens despite her fears. A strong heroine, with one very crippling vulnerability that spills into other aspects of her life.

If you like a little kink in your actual LOVE stories, Exposed To You will not disappoint. The BDSM elements aren't just thrown in for shock value. It showcases more of the underlining meaning, purpose and gratification for said lifestyle, trust, power through submission and breaking down walls. While it's not for everyone, it melts into this storyline perfectly...pun intended. *wink*

If you have read Exposed To You, I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Ooooo I can't wait to start it now! Tomorrow :-)

  2. and you'll check back when ur ovaries go 'click boom'? hahaha