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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guest review by LITTLE LAMB

Sweet Surrender
 by Maya Banks

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

As the sexual tension between Gray and Faith grew stronger, my sexual tension was about to blow a gasket! I don't think I've had an itch to scratch that bad since reading Kristen Ashley's - The Gamble. So I held my expectations pretty high in hopes that my patience would be awarded - Nope. The BDSM theme in this novel was actually pretty tame. (A word I never thought to associate with BDSM!) But it was. The first half of the book was no touching, no sex, not even a few dirty words.. and even Gray's thoughts about Faith were pretty tedious. Then all of a sudden when we see their first sexual encounter at The House (which only took eighteen-freakin' chapters to get to), Gray is abruptly pushing her down on her knees and telling her to "take it deep."? I admit, after seeing humble Gray for so long, I was thrilled when seeing Faith being paddled sent Gray's temperature off the scale and his way of 'retrieving' her was pretty hot. Afterwards? A recipe of public displays, anal, a strange ménage (which we will come back to) and a dash of SOFT d/s play. I could stand most of them, sure, but the more sex there was in Gray and Faith’s pivotal week together, one scene just faded into another. I found myself skimming the multiple shower/bath scenes. (This book had enough bathing to have their skin wrinkle and dissolve.)

Now back to that ménage..
Borderline creepy threesome with her friend Micah? He thought of her like a little sister for over 3 years! Then suddenly he gets the golden ticket to gang bang with her and Gray so he jumps at it? Not on my watch!
Where did that even come from? Just seemed kinda random considering we didn't see much interaction with Micah until towards the end. Maybe if Faith and Gray had developed their relationship further, it would have made more sense. Ménages have just never been on my hot-&-heavy list sadly. I mean, hey, I gave it a shot. This book was just not the one to make me a believer in the art of group groping.

Enough ranting over sex (which pains me to say) - time for some character/plot critiques. I admired Faith wanting a real dom, not a guy playacting. I guess because that's how I see most books - they're just acting it out. Banks however makes any woman want to submit, especially if it means getting pampered and having naps all day like Faith does. Her demeanor towards her mother was awe-inspiring. I was so ecstatic to read about a female protagonist that did NOT give into the antagonist's demands! Good for you Faith! Thus, I was a bit in denial when she considered an armed madman's word over Gray's.. and who the hell asks questions of an armed madman?! Surely her relationship drama could've waited. Lastly there was Damon. Did anyone else have a weird crush on him?? Just me?? Good! 'Cause he's mine! I was so depressed to see how woefully underdeveloped his character was though - just as the other secondary characters were.
Unfortunately, the mystery/action part of the plot left me flat. While I enjoyed seeing Gray and Faith’s relationship grow, the other side of the story was forced and frankly, a lot of times did not make much sense. There were glaring inconsistencies and at times (like at the end), where the plot became rushed.

Other than those few little blips, this is an okay book. The writing is very fluent. There’s always a nice flow and rhythm throughout the story. I never found myself tripping or stumbling over a phrase nor dialogue. So if you are looking for a well written relationship and chaste d/s, this is definitely a book for you. If you are looking for a strong plot and blush inducing sex scenes, then you might want to look elsewhere.

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