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Saturday, November 17, 2012


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
"I see you need to learn your place, little one. And that is beneath your master."
My absolute favorite of the series thus far! I do have to say, I was confused a bit by the introduction of Sarah. Since when did Cyn really have gal pals? Even though Sarah literally came out of nowhere, I'm glad she did. I really like her character and if creating her is what it took to give me Raj, you won't hear a complaint from me.
Sarah has recently moved to Buffalo from California to take a job at the university teaching World History to freshmans. Being that she and Cyn are such close friends, Cyn can tell something is bothering Sarah and it's more than just being home sick. What Sarah won't reveal is her sleepless nights and why she prefers them to actual sleep, that more often than not, result in nightmares. What's more disturbing, these nightmares do not belong to her. She is seeing through someone else's eyes.
The reader is treated to sweet dose of Raphael and Cyn at the beginning of the book. Their relationship has taken on a new dynamic and they are, they're just adorable. Cyn wants to visit her friend Sarah but isn't sure how to broach the subject to Raphael, the epitome of all things "alpha". Even with his hard exterior, he aims to keep her happy and it just so happens that he to needs to visit New York, more specifically, Manhattan.
Rajmund is the powerful vamp who runs the city of Manhattan for his Sire, Vampire Lord Krystof. He stands as tall as Raphael but with short blonde hair and his clear blue eyes top off his 'pure Slavic features'. Did I mention the man can dance? He has business with Raphael and is happy to host the meeting at one of his nightclubs. He expected the meeting to be slightly strained. What he wasn't expecting is the cute little package that came along with Raphael's mate. The chemistry is off the charts and I just loved their first dance...
Rajmund is set at a fantastic pace. There is romance and action, two storylines that weave together very nicely. Not to mention an introduction to a great new character, Emelie, who I hope gets her own book later on in the series. Her backstory and how she came to such high rank in Raj's children, if done right, has the makings of a fantastic read!
Sophia is next...


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