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Sunday, November 11, 2012


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"You told me once I haunted your dreams...with you gone, I have lived for those moments stolen from your sleep. I wanted you to remember me so that no other man could touch you the way I had."

Jabril picks up right where Raphael left off. This book flowed a bit better than the previous with lots of romance and even more kick ass action. I loved the fact that parts of the book took place close to home, in Houston Texas.

In hopes of taking her mind off of Raphael, Cyn takes a job offer from another, much different Vampire Lord by the name of Jabril who rules much of the South and calls Houston home. Jabril rules through fear, violence and greed.  While Raphael and Cyn's dance continues, the main storyline is the introduction of two sisters, Mirabelle and Elizabeth. The sisters have something Jabril wants and will do anything to have and keep. Getting Cyn within his reach, just to piss off Raphael is a bonus.

What starts out as a job finding a missing girl, turns into much  more. Cyn is not only determined to find runaway Elizabeth but rescue Mirabelle from this hellish prison. If Jabril has his way, he'll not only have both sisters and all that comes with their last name, but Cyn as well.

In book one it's very apparent, early on, that Cyn is a kick ass heroine. In  Jabril she takes it to a whole new level. I like that author displayed vulnerability, her broken heart over Raphael but instead of writing her heroine into a corner, weeping and waiting to be rescued and to 'matter' again, she sent Cyn out, guns blazing...literally. Such a fast paced, exciting read that screamed GIRL POWER!! All those big bad vampires underestimating all things female...tsk tsk.

Without spoiling, I have to say, Raphael has a way with words. Such a force and yet his heart, his heart is so pure. He too will face difficult decisions, difficult realizations and changes in his world. Changes that will lead straight into book 3. Next stop, Buffalo!

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