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Monday, September 17, 2012


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"There are some things I do not have to be an angel to see."


Book 3 in Ms. Heaton's Her Angel series brings a bit more action than the previous two, without scaling back the heat. Warrior angel Einar is on a mission. What would drive an angel to work with demons, committing the highest of crimes? He wont stop until he finds out.  While searching for said demons, Einar is brought up short when a would be damsel in distress is anything but.

Einar expected this mission to be full of unknowns. What he did not anticipate is the striking powerhouse whose fighting skills to rival his own. Who is she? What role, if any, does she play in the mystery and more than anything, how can Einar be so drawn to her? I really enjoy a kickass heroine who can also maintain her femininity and Taylor is a great balance.

Her Warrior Angel was such a fun read. I have grown to fully expect this heat level from Ms. Heaton but I really enjoyed the banter and the push and pull between Einar and Taylor. She was more his equal, had a mind of her own and could fight with the best of them. All the while maintaining a soft femine air about her that drew Einar, and then some. She wasn't afraid to use her feminine wiles to get what she wanted and instead of being put off or intimidated, it made Einar want her that much more. I dug that, appreciated that. I can only read so much about the fragile porceline girl who can barely put one foot infront of the other without the assistance of a man. Well done.

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