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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ok, this series has been on my TBR list for a while. I tend to get sidetracked very easily and just hadn't gotten to it yet. Then I won #6 and read it first. Now I am mad at myself for not having started at the beginning! (This tends to happen to me a lot ;))
This book was awesome! It was all about super hot vampires and they have this kick ass bodyguard agency. To recap: Quinn and Rose were married in the 1800's. They were madly in love but Rose came from a wealthy family and her father refused to give Quinn his blessing to marry her, so they did it in secret. Starting off with a forbidden love affair, always a classic! Quinn decides to head off to the war in order to become a decorated officer so Rose's daddy will let them wed. Oops, he didn't plan on getting almost killed, then turned into a vampire! Oh, well their love can withstand anything, right? Apparently not as Rose freaks the eff out and tells him to get lost. She also failed to let him in the fact she'd given birth to his child.... Quinn is heartbroken and heads to New York where he eventually joins the Scanguards. Meanwhile, Rose is turned into a vampire and goes into hiding and leads everyone, including Quinn, to believe she'd dead. 200 years later, Rose is in need of the hunky, now playboy extraordinaire, Quinn's assistance in protecting their only living blood relative from a crazy ass vampire with vengeance on his mind. Yeah, we'll say that was the shock of the century for Quinn! Seeing as he'd harbored feelings for Rose all this time, the last thing he expected was for her to show up alive, well undead as she's a vamp, but also that he had a child he never knew of. From here we have secrets, betrayal, trust issues, oh did I mention the smokin hot sex to 'rid himself of her' part? No? Well its there! I only wish it had been there more! *wink wink* Reconciliations, awesome battles of wills with a modern day brothel thrown in for good measure! I can only imagine whats in store for me when I go back and read the first 5 books! I so can't wait either!
One other thing I'd like to mention, I really liked how this book incorporated humans and vampires getting along and working together in a modern day way. Very refreshing for the vampires to not always be hiding in the dark or sparkling in the light... :)
Conclusion: 4.5 stars of awesomeness here you should go read!
**Thanks Nikki!**

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