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Friday, September 28, 2012


My rating:4 out of 5 stars

** Please note this book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review**

"Holy shit."


The above quote pretty much says it all. EXPIEZ is the 4th installment to C.D. Hussey's Human Vampire series, more specifically, this book belongs to Darus. We met Darus early on in the series as the shady, dreadlocked character who could not be trusted. Darus, to put it bluntly, is a dick. Does the outcast amongst outcasts want redemption? Maybe. Is he drawn to the Princess of his society's "Royal Family"? Indeed.

Darus may have lost his dreads but his tall, trim build and grey eyes peaking out from beneathe his top hat are hard to ignore. Darus made a mistake, a horrible mistake, and for the most part, everyone in his society sees him as tainted. Instead of  wallowing in self pity, Darus is doing what he can to to change his life, to be man other than what he sees in the mirror and what others see when they look at him. I love that he accepted others reactions to him. He didnt like it but knew they were within their right and justified in their views. He is a prick afterall.

Clare is Julia's little sister who has her own issues to deal with, not to mention an exboyfriend that she would gladly never see again. Clare has many things going on in her life, an odd attraction to Darus being one of them. Is he yet another bad decision, or her saving grace?

The banter between these two characters was really fun and playful. I also liked the subtle budding bro-mance between Darus and the other guys. He is so, totally and completely socially akward, he has no idea how to simply be, let alone be around people. People that he knows think very little of him. On a sidenote, I've learned two new things about Ms. Hussey since reading this book. The first being that she definately has a thing for barstools and the second... she's getting bolder in her sex scenes (O.O). I think I love her a little.

I do, however, feel the ending was a little rushed, or was it that I didnt want it to end? I almost felt the relationship was a bit lopsided. I could feel it from Darus. Literally felt the second he truly fell for her. As for Clare, there was something missing that I cant quite put my finger on. While there was no real set up for the next book in this series, still, I can't wait!

Monday, September 17, 2012


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"There are some things I do not have to be an angel to see."


Book 3 in Ms. Heaton's Her Angel series brings a bit more action than the previous two, without scaling back the heat. Warrior angel Einar is on a mission. What would drive an angel to work with demons, committing the highest of crimes? He wont stop until he finds out.  While searching for said demons, Einar is brought up short when a would be damsel in distress is anything but.

Einar expected this mission to be full of unknowns. What he did not anticipate is the striking powerhouse whose fighting skills to rival his own. Who is she? What role, if any, does she play in the mystery and more than anything, how can Einar be so drawn to her? I really enjoy a kickass heroine who can also maintain her femininity and Taylor is a great balance.

Her Warrior Angel was such a fun read. I have grown to fully expect this heat level from Ms. Heaton but I really enjoyed the banter and the push and pull between Einar and Taylor. She was more his equal, had a mind of her own and could fight with the best of them. All the while maintaining a soft femine air about her that drew Einar, and then some. She wasn't afraid to use her feminine wiles to get what she wanted and instead of being put off or intimidated, it made Einar want her that much more. I dug that, appreciated that. I can only read so much about the fragile porceline girl who can barely put one foot infront of the other without the assistance of a man. Well done.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ok, this series has been on my TBR list for a while. I tend to get sidetracked very easily and just hadn't gotten to it yet. Then I won #6 and read it first. Now I am mad at myself for not having started at the beginning! (This tends to happen to me a lot ;))
This book was awesome! It was all about super hot vampires and they have this kick ass bodyguard agency. To recap: Quinn and Rose were married in the 1800's. They were madly in love but Rose came from a wealthy family and her father refused to give Quinn his blessing to marry her, so they did it in secret. Starting off with a forbidden love affair, always a classic! Quinn decides to head off to the war in order to become a decorated officer so Rose's daddy will let them wed. Oops, he didn't plan on getting almost killed, then turned into a vampire! Oh, well their love can withstand anything, right? Apparently not as Rose freaks the eff out and tells him to get lost. She also failed to let him in the fact she'd given birth to his child.... Quinn is heartbroken and heads to New York where he eventually joins the Scanguards. Meanwhile, Rose is turned into a vampire and goes into hiding and leads everyone, including Quinn, to believe she'd dead. 200 years later, Rose is in need of the hunky, now playboy extraordinaire, Quinn's assistance in protecting their only living blood relative from a crazy ass vampire with vengeance on his mind. Yeah, we'll say that was the shock of the century for Quinn! Seeing as he'd harbored feelings for Rose all this time, the last thing he expected was for her to show up alive, well undead as she's a vamp, but also that he had a child he never knew of. From here we have secrets, betrayal, trust issues, oh did I mention the smokin hot sex to 'rid himself of her' part? No? Well its there! I only wish it had been there more! *wink wink* Reconciliations, awesome battles of wills with a modern day brothel thrown in for good measure! I can only imagine whats in store for me when I go back and read the first 5 books! I so can't wait either!
One other thing I'd like to mention, I really liked how this book incorporated humans and vampires getting along and working together in a modern day way. Very refreshing for the vampires to not always be hiding in the dark or sparkling in the light... :)
Conclusion: 4.5 stars of awesomeness here you should go read!
**Thanks Nikki!**

Monday, September 10, 2012

And the winner is...

Nikki was chosen via and chose...
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Hmm...wonder if I could get Nikki to do a guest review?! *wink*

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Party time!!! I'm so excited about Fall and the new releases coming with it. It's the perfect opportunity for my first giveaway!

Just a few days ago I blogged 4 new releases that I'm especially excited about. View the books and a brief blurb here...


 Now I would like to hear from you! Entering the giveaway is simple.

1. Be a visible follower.

2. post a comment below about which of the following you are most excited about...

* FOR WANT OF AN ANGEL (The Fallen Warriors #3) by Rosalie Lario

*QUINN'S UNDYING ROSE (Scanguards Vampires #6) by Tina Folsom

*EXPIEZ: REDEEM YOUR BLOODLUST (The Human Vampire Series #4) by C.D. Hussey

*NOBODY'S PERFECT (Rescue Me Series #4) by Kallypso Masters

On Monday, Sept. 10th a winner will be chosen via Winner will receive their preferred book, from the list above. Please note this will be a KINDLE version, purchased from


Sunday, September 2, 2012


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
"I love the way you say my name. Say it again."
This book was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Her Fallen Angel is sex, love, betrayal and paranorm all wrapped up in one fast paced novella.  While the first installment of this series, Her Dark Angel, was a nice read, I enjoyed this one more overall.
Annelie is a pub owner whose life changed three years ago when Lukas walked in and pulled up a stool at her bar. Standing well over 6 feet tall, his shaggy sandy hair, emerald eyes that cast flecks of pale gold, and lopsided smile, Lukas is alot to take in. He's not only beautiful but also charming, though lonely. Over the years, the two became good friends. It wasn't until Lukas disappeared for three weeks that either of them realized there was more between them than just friendship, or even lust. Giving into temptation is a risk for both of them. There is more to Lukas than Annelie knows, and for Lukas, her possible rejection would be more than he could bear. Lukas has already been rejected, cast aside, by all that he knows and loves. He can't take much more but is determined not only to win her heart forever but also clear his name.
This is the third book I've read from this author and I have to say, I'm quickly becoming a huge fan. I love how she writes her heros. They all, so far anyway, have a deep rooted sense of genuine loneliness that opens the heart of the reader, aching right along with them. You can't help but to pull for Lukas and feel his pain, his fear and his uncertain. He is also very sweet and romantic, with a light sense of boyish charm to him that makes him that much more endearing. I had giggle moments as well. Not sure of the intented reader reaction but these beautiful angels and their wings, making them almost clumsy, made me smile (and giggle) more than once.
Next up, Her Warrior Angel.




Saturday, September 1, 2012

With Fall comes new releases!

Fall has always been my favorite season. I now have 4 more reasons to welcome the end of Summer.


(The Fallen Warriors #3)
By Rosalie Lario
(Release date Aug 31st, 2012)
Fallen angel Aaron has found the woman of his dreams, an alluring nephilim who has no clue what she really is. By taking her as his mate, he can preserve his strength and immortality... something he’ll need in the fight against the angels who seek to destroy mankind. But first he must convince her that he and his Fallen brethren are not the evil beings they have been made out to be.

Samantha Benson has the ability to interfere with electrical signals, an attribute which makes professional thievery the perfect career for her. As if her special abilities weren’t enough to deal with, a fallen angel lands right before her and tells her she has angelic blood. He also expects her to believe the Fallen are really the good guys, and that the rest of the angels plan for human annihilation. Surely the sexy-as-sin Fallen is lying. But if so, then why do his words make such sense?

As the Fallen plan to infiltrate a secret prison built by the angels, Aaron must not only convince Samantha that mankind needs her help, but also that the two of them are meant to be together...forever

For more, please visit

(Scanguards Vampires #6)
By Tina Folsom
(Release date Aug. 30th 2012)

Vampire bodyguard Quinn has lived the last 200 years as a playboy trying in vain to forget the only woman he has ever loved: his human wife Rose, who he believes to be dead.

But Rose is very much alive. Now a vampire herself, she has lived in hiding from Quinn all of these years, having faked her death to hide from him a terrible secret—one she knows would drive him to kill her.

When a powerful and evil vampire threatens to destroy Rose’s—and Quinn’s— only living descendent, she has no choice but to come out of hiding and ask for Quinn’s help. As Quinn struggles with the shock of Rose’s reappearance, and they reunite to battle a common foe, they rekindle the flames of their past. But will the passion that reignites between them be enough to overcome the secret that separates them?

For more please visit

(The Human Vampire Series #4)
By CD Hussey
(Release date Sept. 4th 2012)
Blurb not yet available.
For more please visit

(Rescue Me Series #4)
By Kallypso Masters
(Release date Sept. 14th 2012)
Savannah Gentry, now Savi Baker, escaped the torture and degradation forced upon her by a sadistic father for eleven years and has made a safe life for herself and her daughter. When her father threatens her peace of mind—and her daughter's safety—Savi runs to Damián Orlando for protection. Their one day together eight years earlier changed both their lives and resulted in a secret she can no longer hide. But being with Damián reawakens feelings she wants buried—and stirs up an onslaught of disturbing flashbacks that leave her shaken to the core with little hope of ever being a sexual being again.

Damián has his own dragons to fight, but has never forgotten the one perfect day he spent with Savannah in a cave at the beach. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Savi and her daughter, but can never be the whole man she deserves after a firefight in Iraq. Besides, the trauma of war and resulting PTSD has led him to find his place as the Masters at Arms Club's favorite sadist. Savi needs someone gentle and loving, not the broken man he has become. But he sees that the lifestyle he's come to embrace also can help Savi regain control of her life and sexuality. How can he not help redirect her negative thoughts and actions if she needs him?
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