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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

"Your belief in will not save you. I am a slave to my make me a beast and I cannot fight it. I want you."

~Kearn Savernake

I can't seem to stop smiling. Forbidden Blood is one of those rare books that not only draws the reader in immediately, but also manages to keep you there, loving every minute of it. This is a lengthy novel but never slowed down, never grew stale. Even when I figured out the "villian", I remained very invested in the story right up to the very end.

Kearn Savernake. A 360 year old Noble, an outcast, a Venator for the Sovereignty. A role he never wanted, never asked for, was never meant to be his.  Hated by his own kind, feared by others, Kearn doesnt even recognize himself in the mirror. His once black hair, now silver, his blue eyes now a striking emerald green. At first glance his right arm bares a sleeve of ink but when his power engages, his arm glows blue.  His appearance marks him, brands him as a Venator. He lives a cold, lonely life, driving the streets of London in his white Audi R8,  hunting his own kind who have chosen a sinful, dark, forbidden path.

A select few of individuals are Source Bloods. Their blood possesses the ability to take vampire powers to another level. Because it takes their powers to a godlike state, drinking Source Blood is as forbidden as it is tempting. Kearn has been hunting one rogue in particular for over 3 years. When he rescues Source Blood human Amber in an alley, he realizes his man has struck again. This human may be just the break Kearn needs, if he himself can resist her that is.

I was suprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I am new to this author but plan to read much more from her in the very near future. I loved the word play. There was some repitition in spots but overall, the author paints the picture well. I was able to feel Kearns emotions right along with him. Her words were very powerful and the balance between Kearn's strength and his vulnerability was perfect. Lethal and humble all at the same time and when he loves, he loves hard. My heart swelled more than once, and there may have been a tear or two. Forbidden Blood is a powerful romantic read that I truly enjoyed getting lost in.


  1. Awesome Review Sis! Got your recommendation for this one. Will be starting it soon!

  2. Hope you enjoy as much as I did! ;-)