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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Casting the Masters of the Rescue Me series by Kallypso Masters

I just recently finished book 3 of this series and in my reviews I've posted my casting choices for the main male characters. While Ms. Masters, described Damian as looking alot like Orlando Bloom, the others, well...I had to use my imagination. Their pics are scattered within the 3 reviews but I started to wonder, wouldnt it be better to look at all 4 at the same time?! Introducing my Masters...






  1. Love your pick for Luke. Exactly how I saw him. Adam.. No Sis, not Robert. I'm still not quite sure who Adam looks like to me (I guess I need to finish his book to get that mental pic) but my mind's eye is saying Nooo, it's not Robert! LOL

    1. Woman. I am two seconds away from road trippin' to Indy! lol

      Giving u homework now, I wanna see ur Adam. :P i had one guy picked out after reading book 1. Then, with book 3, i kept seeing that gif in my head. Granted, RDJ doesnt fit the height/weight but...that gif, that look, the salt n pepper mix..thats got Master Adam written all over it. RAWR! haha

  2. GAH! Master Marc....*sigh* you know he's my weakness.

    I like these picks MUCH better! Good job Tex, you always find just the right person for a character!

    1. Ur drooling on ur keyboard right now, its ok to admit it. haha

      Thanks, glad u like my choices!