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Saturday, July 28, 2012



My rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

"Oh, I assure you, il diavolo long ago reserved a special place for me, bella, for sins far worse than that one."



Nobody's Angel is the second installment in the Rescue Me series. By all intents and purposes, this is Marc's book. For me, however, Marc and his story was a bit overshadowed by both a new and an existing character. Not to say the book didnt focus on him enough, because it did. I think the introduction of Luke, as well as the set up for Adam's book, book 3, was more intriguing than Marc's story, his journey.

I really liked the initial development of this story. Marc was working his shift as a DM (Dungeon Monitor) one night at the BDSM club that he co-owns with fellow Vets Adam and Damian,  when he came upon a disturbing scene. Angelina and boyfriend Alan were first timers at the club and Angelina was new to the lifestyle in general. The scene has taken an abusive turn and while Marc is able to put an end to it, that damage has still been done. Angelina is broken, Marc being her masked angel that saves her. It was a beautiful, touching moment, while maintaining a very erotic edge.

Luke Denton is a Texan, played highschool football near El Paso and like most Texas boys, his drive to attend the University of Texas was to play Longhorn football. Luke ended up majoring in Studio Art. With his disheveled chestnut hair and smokey blue/gray eyes, he's a perfect addition to this series. He's not just Marc's SAR partner, he also builds custom "equipment" for the club and Marc's personal residence.

As fate would have it, Marc and Luke find themselves in a bar in Angelina's hometown, just outside of Denver. While Angelina doesnt recognize Marc as her masked angel, he recognizes her and the emotions she stirred in him during their brief, yet powerful time together. Luke is moved by her as well. The young widowers wife appeared to him in a recent dream telling him "It's time" and that she was sending him an angel, that needs him. Marc is torn between what he wants, what he feels he deserves, and his friend Luke who may find a new life line in this woman.

I have to say, the development in this storyline, between Marc, Angelina and Luke became a little too far fetched for me. I still enjoyed the story, and the heat level was off the charts. I'll never play a game of pool or even glance at a couch with the same frame of mind ever again. I really wanted to give 4 stars but I found myself skimming and almost stauling out completely during a particular bedroom scene. I understand the intent to introduce the reader to the lifestyle at the same pace as Angelina but overall, it just went on for too long. Once I got past that scene, it was full speed ahead.

I love how the connections are starting to surface here. How the characters are or will be linked. The ending of this book was fantastic. As I said earlier, Luke and Adam were my standouts in this installment and their developments near the end makes me even more excited to see where this series goes.



  1. Thanks for your honest review! I just happen to be at the starting point with a new editor to prepare these books for print versions coming out later this year, and I've sent her yours and a number of others that point out some places that need work (like the marathon scene in the bedroom). At the time, once Marc got her alone and thinking he only had that one night, he wanted it to last forever. But I don't want readers to feel like it was FOREVER, so I will ask her to look at ways to pick up the pace there.

    And Luke, well, SPOILER ALERT...I originally wrote this to be a menage. Then, three weeks before it was going to come out, Marc came to me one morning and said he wasn't going to share her anymore. (He started to realize that on the sofa with Luke and Angelina, but this was foreign to him, so he didn't make his needs known to me right away. He is, by far, my most closed-off Dom, too. He's going to have a major part in Nobody's Perfect, and readers are going to be ready to smack him upside the head Gibbs style, but I think he's finally getting close to figuring out what his inner pain is--and don't see that being resolved until Nobody's Dream.)

    Luckily, I don't write stand-alone books, so my characters have time to delve into issues in later books that just didn't come to the fore when I wrote their stories originally. (And Nobody's Angel was first written in 2009, before I even conceived of the notion of a series or had written Masters at Arms, where Marc started to come to life a little more for me.)

    I thank you for the review and hope you'll come along for the entire journey. I don't know where it will lead (I don't plot--I just sit down and wait for the characters to tell me their stories, which is why Marc's so frustrating. In fairness, he didn't consciously remember a major issue from his past. But with the help of Adam and Angelina in Nobody's Dream, he'll be forced to confront the past--including why he has an aversion to Italian women, stiletto shoes, and a number of things that he just dropped in the book, but never explained to me until now.)

    An update on Nobody's Perfect: Hopefully coming out late August. Edits begin this week and will take at least three weeks. No firm date set (because that's not been working for this book), but soon!

    Thanks again for reading my books!


  2. I can't thank you enough for dropping by. I really appreciate you taking time out of what I'm sure is a busy schedual. Without a doubt I will continue this series, I hope to finish Nobody's Hero in a just a couple of days. MUST MAKE TIME FOR ADAM. ;-)

    Thank you for the spoilers too! I love that you set to have your characters continue to grow and interact. Far too many times does a character get "his book" then hardly ever to be seen or heard from again for the remainder of the series. And just so you know, there can NEVER be too much Adam. *ahem*

    Thanks again, can't wait for book 4 next month! Happy birthday to me!

  3. Oh, believe me, no way am I going to be able to keep Adam out of any of the books. He is very involved with Damian and Savi in Nobody's Perfect, and he and Karla has some things to go through in Nobody's Dream and Nobody's Home. I just love him, too.

    Did you know he's in the running for Ultimate Dom at Under the Covers? He's been in a first for a day or two and is now a close second.

    As you will find when you read his story, I do NOT write fantasy Doms. My guys are human. They make mistakes. (I know those who have only read about BDSM thing Doms never screw up and always do what is best for their sub, but he's just a bit screwed up by his past and he THINKS he's doing the right thing to keep Karla away. But the darned woman just won't leave him alone.)

    But, like Marc, he, too, isn't going to change overnight after being this way for three decades. I write realistic BDSM and realistic Romance and I know *I* wouldn't buy that if he did.

    However, you will get a happy ending. *melt* Those two are so perfect for each other.


  4. I stayed up entirely too late lastnight with Adam. lol Just couldnt put my kindle down! Cant wait to see what happens next. :)