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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My rating :3 out of 5 stars

"That is my name and I'll make absolutely sure you scream it."


Leather, Lace and Rock-N-Roll is a very light, cute read. Jaydon Hawke is a front man rocker and then some. I think this book had lots of promise and potential but it never quite got there for me. I'm not sure if it's my own personal experience with musicians, maybe so, but Hawke just wasnt front man material. Not to me atleast. He didnt quite "fit the bill". Musicans have a way about them, a magnetism, even the self loathing, brooding ones, which are very common in Rock n Roll.

I did enjoy under which circumstance Hawke and Rachel met. They did indeed have good chemistry but it wasn't great. Maybe it was just underdeveloped. I didn't dislike Rachel but I didnt really pull for her either. If she got the guy, great. If she didnt get the guy, meh...better luck next time. There is a little action and suspense woven into this book, which also was a bit bland for me. I knew who the "bad guy" was immediately so after that, that aspect of the book bored me a bit.

The real story, what kept me reading til the end, was the side story. The development between Cameron, Rachel's best friend and Max, who is Hawke's bodyguard. Their chemistry was instant, strong and well written. Both characters completely eclipsed the lead characters both on their own and in their scenes together. Leather, Lace and Rock-N-Roll is a rough start to what may or may not be a very good series. I do plan on reading book 2 in the near future, even if for no other reason to see if Cameron and Max's book is a stronger read.

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