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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"Turn over. On your knees and elbows. Then brace yourself, because I'm going to ram my dick so deep inside you, you are going to taste me. Is that clear?"
~Master Sergeant Adam Montague, USMC

After typing the above quote, I sat and stared at my laptop for a good 10 mintues. How can I possibly follow that! So, I'm just going to take another moment, or two...


Ahem. What does it take to bring a Master to his knees...
 Nobody's Hero is the third installment of the Rescue Me series. Book 1 blew me away, book 2 was good, I had some minor issues. Nobody's Hero not only gets this series back on track but truly raises the bar. This book flowed much smoother than the previous. A friend of mine who finished before me made a comment "If you think you love Adam now, just wait..." Truer words have never been spoken.Whether it's his filthy mouth, his huge heart, the fact that he sings in the shower and burns cinnamon rolls, or all of the above, I just love this character. Did I mention he went to boot camp in Parris Island, where I was born. Oh! He's also a biter...

  For the most part, I've been able to find a great leading man in my preferred reading. That being said, not all are as solid and as memorable as Adam. As the head of this unorthodox little family, I hope to get a nice big piece of Adam in each and every installment til this series comes to an end!

In book 3, everyone surrounds Karla and her attempt to nurse Adam back to health. She is there, day and night, little care for her own well being. She hardly eats or sleeps, Marc finally puts his foot down and Doms with care, if you will. Karla gets a glimps of what haunts Adam while she watches him dream and speaking of, lets just say Adam can and will do alot more than just talk in his sleep...

Karla has loved Adam since she was 16 years old. No longer that teen with a crush, Karla is all grown up and quick to put Adam in his place. Something that not many dare attempt. I have to say, the banter between Adam and Karla is fantastic and his signature "Come again?" hmm, maybe it's a fangirl thing but I may, or may not, have bitten my bottom lip each and everytime. ha! Karla feels she cant be happy without him and he feels she can't be happy with him. For such a force to be reckoned with, and so good at understanding the needs of others, Adam is so clueless when it comes to women. Granted, he knows the woman's body as though he created it himself but really truly understanding women, Master Montague is bit out of his element. Case in point when he decides to not push Karla away himself, but force her to run on her own by offering her a "relationship" that young Karla would surely run from, shocked and disgusted. He has no idea what he's done.

This is a very emotional ride for both Karla and Adam both in regards to one another and for themselves, who and what they are at their core. Something I really love about this author is that she walks that tight line and makes it seem so effortless. I was telling a gym friend about the series yesterday and I led with "You are initially introduced to 3 Marines who now co-own a BDSM kink club together." That's gets everyone's attention but I quickly follow up with, but you love them. You fall head over hills in love with these men, their pasts, their presents and the women easing them into their futures.

This is obviously a romance read but at the same time the bond between the three men adds so much to the series as a whole. Their relationships carry just as much weight as the romantic relationships. The admiration and love, Adam and Marc are like brothers and each time Damian calls Adam "Dad", it melts my heart. A nice bond between the women in their lives is starting to form as well, only adding more depth to this series. Book 4 can't come soon enough.


  1. Oh, my! Thanks for such a heartfelt review! So glad you love my imperfect, non-PC Dom as much as I do.

    Hoping to have book four (Nobody's Perfect) out in a month or so, but haven't given a release date yet. Still working on edits. It certainly will be different from the others!


    1. Hi Kally! No, thank you for sharing your world with us. And yes, I do love him, very much so. :)

      Nobody's the title, so appropriate. Cant wait!

  2. What a great review. I wish I were as eloquent. Kally's Masters are amazing and her books are "real".

    1. Aww, thank u Becki for your kind words, and thank you for dropping by! I do agree, its "fantasy" but the struggles and journey of these men has real heart. :)