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Monday, June 11, 2012


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Gripping her ass, he moaned, "What the fuck do you do to me?"

**Please note, this book was gifted to me by the author**

I am so in love with this series, this author, and the world she has created. Deny Your Blood Lust is the third installment in the Human Vampires series. Detective Kevin McCoy is hard nosed, no nonsense, yet most of all...haunted. A gruesome homicide scene not only takes Kevin back to one of his darkest days but also launches his investigation of the Human Vampire Community deep in the heart of New Orleans.

I loved the initial set up this book mainly because favorite characters from the previous two books were revisited. Can I just say, Armand, just...more on Armand later. Detective McCoy is determined to make an arrest, not minding one bit if he takes down the entire "Community" in the process. That is until he lays eyes on Angel. He is immediately drawn to her, just as most men, but with her there's so much more. She's visually striking and possesses a gift that allows her to see Detective McCoy for what he truly is. An identity Kevin not only doesnt believe in, but wants no part in it, at all. Did I mention she's one of his top suspects?

I really liked seeing the "Community" and it's members through Kevin's eyes. Following him through the hesitance, the judgement, the cautious understanding. The character interaction flowed nicely for me. I often wondered "How would Keving see this character?" He's the perfect broken hero mainly because he knows he's a fuck up. No denial, though his self loathing is palpable. The attraction between he and Angel goes far beyond a physical attraction or a need for blood. It's a beautiful thing.

Armand. We're now in book 3 of the series and I continue to fall in love with one character after another. That being said, Armand continues to be my favorite. Deny Your Blood Lust only solidified my adoration. From the very beginning we know that Armand is broken and devestated by recent events, but there's more. There is something eating at him, desperate to get out but he too can be quite the self loather and unsure of acceptance.

There are twists and turns and "The fuck u say?" moments throughout. Fast paced, yet hitting important details, both small and big. Not to mention the build up for book 4. I'm sold, 100%. If you're looking for  release date for book 4 Ms. Hussey, ahem...August 8th would be nice. Happy Birthday to me.

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