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Friday, March 9, 2012


My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

With a growl, Dimitri placed his feet flat on the bed and thrust his hips up, impaling her hard and deep. "Suck," he hissed.

***Please note, this book was gifted to me by the author***

Chapter 27. Once you've read this book, you will know exactly what I mean. No really, trust me on this one...

First and foremost, I would like to thank Ms. Greene for giving me to the opportunity to read and review this second installment of her Rulers of Darkness series. I fell in love with Dorian in book 1 but I think Dimitry has stolen my heart.

Dimitry Arsov,the only remaining pure bred vampire, is back from the dead so to speak. He faked his death 400 years ago after a traitorous attack on his life by his would be successor.He has remained hidden, both his powers and his need for revenge strengthening. Dimitri is smooth, regal, yet cryptic and intimidating. He's tall and blonde, eyes a near colorless shade of blue. A Norse God, if you will, who will blush from time to time. *thud* I absolutely loved Dimitr's display of power as he revealed his wishes to Gabriel. Hot, powerful, adding even more to his "RAWR" factor.

Kerstyn Ingmar is a young art historian whose life is less than perfect. She's lost her job, her home and even her car breaks down. The night Dimitri saved her, and placed a soft kiss on the inside of her wrist, her life was forever changed. I liked Kerstyn immediately. She's young and inexperienced without being needy and desperate. I liked the combination of her strong intuition and feminine quirkiness. After taking in Dimitri's regal tone and his choice of words, she picked up on that air of authority, hint of royalty. Of course, then she also noted that she was fangirling and needed to ease up on The Tudors reruns.

I truly loved the devlopment of this pairing. Off the charts sexual chemistry aside, they simply made sense and complimented one another perfectly. Ms. Greene created some delicious scenes. There is a scene that takes place in his garage that, well...I was hooked. I must say, book 1 of this installment was hot, extremely hot. However, I do believe Ms. Greene has really stepped up her game. The sex scenes are scorching, white hot. I don't blush easily nor am I "moved" easily. I read PNR so there's typically strong sex scenes in every book I open. During this read, there were times I literally had to stop, breathe, collect myself and then continue!

Another stand out for me was the supporting cast. I love Silivie and her role in bringing Dimitri and Kerstyn together. I hope to read more about her later on. Two characters that really stood out to me were Gabriel and Gannon. Gabriel is a former slave who despises humans due to their weakness. His past is dark and haunted and he feels himself to be unworthy. The reader is given a peek, here and there, of his warm, sensitive heart. I fell completely in love with him. He simply must get his own book. When Gannon is first introduced, he appears to be nothing more than the muscle behind the organization. Slowly his personality and past is revealed making him also, a fascinating character. Given my own heritage, I am especially intrested in learning more about Gannon. He too deserves his own book.

There is also a side story building where the ruler of another Clan may or may not have slipped into insanity many years ago after suffering a tragic loss. His return to vampire society, back to his thrown is paramount. This is where Falcon comes in. It's his duty to see that this happens. While Falcon isn't a character you get much insight on, there's just enough to strike an interest and the ending has set up so many scenerios, I can't wait to see who gets book 3, only that I want it, now!