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Monday, January 16, 2012


Three gorgeous Incubus demon brothers...a Seminus half-breed demon...Vampire/Werewolf hybrid...pick your flavor! The men of Demonica, there's something for everyone.


 Eidolon-The McDreamy AND McSteamy of the underworld

Slade-Haunted, tortured and just the right dose of naughty

Wraith-Hot, cocky, sex demon. nuff said...

Lore-Lethal, driven...damaged

Conall-Blood bound...tragic...seductive

The men of Demonica...VOTE NOW!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sexy Heros contest at The ParaRomance Club

What's better than sexy heroes? Sexy heroes going head-to-head! Who will be the sexiest hero of them all? Beginning January 14th, The ParaRomance Club will have a month long contest where you can vote for your ultimate sexy hero. There will be great fun, giveaways and of course, lots and lots of man candy!! Before the Contest can begin, a top 10 has to be chosen. Vote for your faves for both Adult and YA sexy heroes HERE and be ready to defend your fave starting Sunday, January 14th. See you there!!