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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"...what I want is you panting when I thrust into you, and screaming for more, begging me to fuck you harder. Can you pretend for me?"


Ahem. If that does'nt get your attention, nothing will, read no further. Zane's Redemption is book 5 in Tina Folsom's "Scanguards Vampires" series. Anyone who is familiar with Ms. Folsom's work, I believe, would say she can write some of the best "smut" out there. This particular installment, however, was all the delicious smut I've come to love and expect, with added heart.

Zane, aka Zacharias Abraham Noah Eisenberg, is the most closed off of the Scanguard employees and perhaps the most unstable. Tall, gorgeous, bald and troubled. His collegues know so little of his past and that's exactly how he wants it. Zane has only one thing in mind and that's revenge. Sure, this seems to be the standard in alot of books of this genre. The approach that Ms. Folsom took, however, was especially moving and disturbing at the same time.

Zane makes no excuses for his way of life. He simply doesn't give a shit. For the most part, his collegues tolerate him, he's good at what he does afterall. After violently killing a rapist one night, Samson, head of the Scanguard Vampires, decides action must be taken. He puts Zane on "light duty" and somehow Zane ends up with a puppy that he, with caution, names "Z". All together now..."AWWW'.

His new assignment is to help guard the daughter of a new client.  Said client seeks the help of the Scanguards agency to keep an eye on his "wild child" of a daughter while he's away on business. Portia is a human/vampire hybrid who is just 6 weeks shy of her 21st bday. She will be "mature" at that point and her body will basically freeze as is. We all want to look 21 forever so what's the big deal? Problem is, Portia is still a virgin. This means that for the rest of her existence, each time, would be her first, physically speaking.

There is an instant attraction between Zane and Portia which is absolutely forbidden, nevermind that it simply pisses Zane off. I loved the development, the build up for the these two characters. While young, Portia is a believable female lead and her chemistry with Zane is solid. That being said, Zane shined throughout. His relationship with his new pup "Z", his old friend Quinn, the rest of Scanguard crew, especially Oliver, was a great read. His inner struggle of who and what he is, even before being changed into a vampire rounded the character even more so. I do believe he's my favorite of the group and Ms. Folsom absolutely did "his" book justice. Can't wait for the next installment.

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