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Sunday, December 18, 2011


My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

"Touch me and tell me you don't believe we're meant to be together. Tell me you aren't mine."


My poor, poor kindle. Not only am I suffering from a major case of "kindle thumb" from gripping it so it's now doubling as fan! Spring 2012 can't come soon enough. Book 3...I need you...asap.

Tayla is a human/angel half blood...or Nephilim. She has honey blonde curls, a cute small frame, and resides in New Orleans. We learn pretty quickly that Tayla is tough but vulnerable at the same time. She has abandonment issues with no family left alive.

We were briefly introduced to Ethan in book one of this series. He too has topaz eyes and dark hair. His wings however are a bit different. "Swirling ribbons of dark gray" paints a stunning picture. Ethan and Tayla have a complicated past. Tayla first laid eyes on Ethan when she was just 6 years old. Wide eyed and blushing for sure, she decided right then, he was the man she was going to marry. LIfe and circumstance often takes us down different roads and Tayla is no different. Ethan was best friends with her father, Caleb. The history between the three of them is long and complicated. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we hurt the ones we set out to protect the most.

I loved the dynamic between Tayla and Ethan. Their dance was a delicate one, a bit more complicated than the plot in book 1. Ms. Lario keeps it well balanced where I could see where both characters were coming from. Of course, my heart broke for Ethan, he's can't help but pull for him.

Ethan shares the same "aww" factors as did Michael. He's strong and fierce, all male. At the same time, he's emotional and vulnerable. For me, that's the ultimate male. I love that Ms. Lario allows her strong male heros to cry, atleast tear up. It takes a real man to cry, or in this case...angel. "Damnation", each and everytime one of the fallen use this term, I get as giddy as a school girl. I can't even begin to give an explanation to that one. It's "yum", simple as that.

Again....Spring of 2012...est. release for book can't come soon enough.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


My rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

"To see the passion on your face as you come apart beneath my hands...there's no comparison."


First, let me just say...the only reason I didn't rate with 5 stars, is the length. A novella that could have, should have, been longer. The story was there, room for a bit more development without overkill. I hope the next installment is a bit longer. I'll be starting it the second I'm done with this review!

Eva is a barista at a local coffee shop. She has a nice apartment, with an eager ex just across the hall. Eva also lives in a world ruled by angels due to the collapse of the veil seperating heaven and earth. She's always been hesitant and somewhat sceptical about everything "angel". Imagine her suprise, fear and confusion, when one appears in the middle of her living room in the middle of the night. His "simple" explanation being that she, her essence, calls to him...

Michael may be an angel but he's built for sin. With his gorgeous dark hair and topaz eyes, it's easy to see why most humans have resorted to worshipping his kind. Only, Michael is different. His black wings with hints of midnight blue may be striking, however, they also label him as "FALLEN" (This is when I fell in love). He is to be feared by humans and hunted by the angels that reign.

As I stated earlier, I wish this book had been longer. I think there was room for more build up for Michael and Eva. At the same time, the instant attraction, the pull, simply made sense. It worked for me, not rushed or pushed at all. Michael is sinful, he's just smoldering. All the while, he's sweet, attentive and earned more than one fan girl "awww's" from me throughout. It was nice to take a break from the typical "strong alpha male" that usually prevails in this genre. Michael is vulnerable, emotional, but his manhood remains intact.

The chemistry between Eva and Michael is palpable. Ms. Lario is aces with me in smutsville. Hot, and I do mean HOT....there is also an intimacy that is also present that provides a balance that not many authors are capable of accomplishing. I simply fell in love with Michael.

We are briefly introduced to his bretheren. I hope this means each will get their own book. The "aww" factor aside, I love the idea of this story, this series. I can't wait to see what Ms. Lario produces next.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

"I was caught off guard, but it doesn't change the fact that I want every last neurotic, impossible, stubborn, endless question-asking inch of you."


This book was gifted to me by a dear friends who enjoys this series very much. Thanks Becca! I am new to Ms. Cassidy's work but I knew it was supposed to be a fun read. I have to say, it was definately cute. Only after I got past the first chapter that is. I've never given up on a book based on the first chapter but this is the closest I've ever come. It was painful to read. Once I got past that, the read became more interesting and much more tolerable.

Marty is a sales rep for Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics who is well on her way to the top of the ladder. She has two new recruits, Wanda and Nina, who just aren't making the cut. During an evening walk with said recruits and her teacup poodle Muffin, Marty is bitten by a large dog. This dog later reappears at her door, only this time in the body of a man. A gorgeous man named Keegan. Keegan not only claims that he is a werewolf but now, due to the bite, Marty is too.

This is supposed to be a funny paranormal romance. While it has it's moments, I think the humor aspect was, at times, too much. I felt the author tried too hard in keeping Marty "quirky". The character, literally, never. shut. up. While I did enjoy a couple of laughs, overall it became exhausting. It simply became too much. I will say, the banter between Marty and Keegan was fresh and playful. I did enjoy it but mainly because he was a much needed balance in the relationship.

Keegan was a well written alpha lead. The name alone earns 3 of the 3.5 stars. I fell in love with him immediately. I would loved to have gotten to know more about his brother Sloan and his sister Mara as well. Unfortunately, the female lead was my least favorite of all the characters making it hard to really get invested in the book.

Now...lets talk about sex. WOW. The sex scenes in the book are smoking hot! I just wish I could have related to Marty a bit more and found her to be a more believable love interest for oh so yummy Keegan.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"...what I want is you panting when I thrust into you, and screaming for more, begging me to fuck you harder. Can you pretend for me?"


Ahem. If that does'nt get your attention, nothing will, read no further. Zane's Redemption is book 5 in Tina Folsom's "Scanguards Vampires" series. Anyone who is familiar with Ms. Folsom's work, I believe, would say she can write some of the best "smut" out there. This particular installment, however, was all the delicious smut I've come to love and expect, with added heart.

Zane, aka Zacharias Abraham Noah Eisenberg, is the most closed off of the Scanguard employees and perhaps the most unstable. Tall, gorgeous, bald and troubled. His collegues know so little of his past and that's exactly how he wants it. Zane has only one thing in mind and that's revenge. Sure, this seems to be the standard in alot of books of this genre. The approach that Ms. Folsom took, however, was especially moving and disturbing at the same time.

Zane makes no excuses for his way of life. He simply doesn't give a shit. For the most part, his collegues tolerate him, he's good at what he does afterall. After violently killing a rapist one night, Samson, head of the Scanguard Vampires, decides action must be taken. He puts Zane on "light duty" and somehow Zane ends up with a puppy that he, with caution, names "Z". All together now..."AWWW'.

His new assignment is to help guard the daughter of a new client.  Said client seeks the help of the Scanguards agency to keep an eye on his "wild child" of a daughter while he's away on business. Portia is a human/vampire hybrid who is just 6 weeks shy of her 21st bday. She will be "mature" at that point and her body will basically freeze as is. We all want to look 21 forever so what's the big deal? Problem is, Portia is still a virgin. This means that for the rest of her existence, each time, would be her first, physically speaking.

There is an instant attraction between Zane and Portia which is absolutely forbidden, nevermind that it simply pisses Zane off. I loved the development, the build up for the these two characters. While young, Portia is a believable female lead and her chemistry with Zane is solid. That being said, Zane shined throughout. His relationship with his new pup "Z", his old friend Quinn, the rest of Scanguard crew, especially Oliver, was a great read. His inner struggle of who and what he is, even before being changed into a vampire rounded the character even more so. I do believe he's my favorite of the group and Ms. Folsom absolutely did "his" book justice. Can't wait for the next installment.