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Sunday, October 2, 2011


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

"Sleep and dream sweet."


*Please note, this ebook was gifted to me from the author*

I was given the opportunity to do some beta reading for Ms. McCloud while "Love Potions" was still a work in progress. I was thrilled to recieve it as a gift on it's official release date. Thank you Ms. McCleod.

Marion is a human witch who is struggling to pass her Potions class. No matter how hard she tries, the only thing that comes of it is a big mess. Much like her love life, both past and present. Marion must pass the Potions class in order to take the class she needs most, Magical Defense. Until then, she lives in fear, and for good reason. Eric, Marion's violent ex, has been released from prison, with revenge in mind.

Marion has never healed from the violent relationship, and does all she can to avoid drawing attention to herself from the opposite sex. Roommate Raven, the social butterfly, tries to get Marion to open up and live a little, not knowing her dark past. With magic being only as strong as the experience of she who weilds it, Marion must open herself up to the possibility of love or find a new line of study.

Meet Aidan, gorgeous, yet cursed,  Elf with piercing sapphire blue eyes. Aidan's mouth tends to get him into trouble despite his good intentions. Most recently, he found himself both booted and cursed by the Queen, of whom he is a member of her Court. Before the curse can be lifted and he be permitted to return home, Aidan must please a woman who is less than perfect.  Spying Marion on the dance floor in over 2 sizes too big outfit and hair purposely loose to hide her face, should equal "Jackpot" for Aidan. Only it's not her appearance that draws him, there's more. A pull. A pull he wasn't expecting and one that will take he and Marion on a journey of healing, trust, love and survival.

While I realize this is a novella, it still was a bit too short for me. It ended at 74% on my Kindle. I think it could have went further. I liked how the author made magic and all that it entails, mainstream. I think some of the pop culture references were a bit iffy for me, such as "Witchmart". Aidan is delish, pointy ears and all. His multiple "Aye." responses just added to his "mmm" factor. I would have preferred a more modern, striking  name for the heroine. Something that matched the characters growth and eventual strength. Domestic violence is such an issue in our society so I applaud the author for bringing the topic front and center in her fantasy world.

I would have liked to have learned a bit more about the Queen. What little I got of her, I was fascinated. The relationship with her Court, Aidan especially. Without spoiling, scenes between she and Aidan were some of the more touching scenes in the entire novella. I wanted to know what the real driving force is behind that connection.

Last but not least...the sex scenes. WOW. Adian is a master in seduction, literally. Ms. McCleod paints a pretty picture indeed. Scorching hot scenes, graphic, and I do mean GRAPHIC but managing to touch your heart while making it race at the same time. That's not always easy to do, so kudos for that!

I gave this novella 3.5 stars due to length and the fact that I wanted a little more character development. This novella, this author has so much promise and potential, I can't wait to read what she does next!

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