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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My rating:  5 of 5 stars

"I've thought about how you'd taste," he said, in a low, guttural voice, and she whimpered, arched against his mouth.
"Jesus," he panted. "It's like a fucking drug."

~Tommy aka "Ender"

This was one of those books I found impossible to put down. I did'nt care if my eyes were burning, that my vision had started to blur or that it was after 2am. I just had to finish this story. I loved book 1, "Riding the Storm" of this series but I have to say, this one blew it away. In the first installment, while the story premise was interesting, the book was more of an erotic read than anything else. Book 2 is just as hot and steamy, if not more so. The difference in book 2 is the plot. There is more of an actual story to follow, and more emotionally charged. This book is a high octane page turner, a delicious delight.

Tom Knight, aka "Ender" is sent on a mission. A mission with a very small time frame but basic intstructions. Convince Kira Donovan to join ACRO or shoot her dead. He has 48hrs. This is nothing new for Ender, it's what he does. What is new, however, is his reaction to his target. An unmistakable pull that he can't quite explain, nor can he decide if he wants to. She is to be a mission, nothing more.

Kira is a animal whisperer if you will. She has more of a connection with animals than she does with humans actually. While this is a matter of life or death for her, Tom (Ender) came at the perfect time. Literally. Kira is in heat. She considers this a curse, it's all but ruined her life, basically prevented her from having one. She has no other option because if she fights it, she'll die.

There is a second farm hand that Ender does'nt trust, nor like for that matter and so the tug of war begins. Along with Ender and Kira's story, the reader continues to be treated with more Creed and Annika. For me, by far, the best pairing of the series. At least up to this point. While I love reading about them in each book, I wish they had one all their own. Such a well written progression for those two. Not to mention, there is no such thing as too much Creed.

Devlin (ACRO's leader)has a fascinating story and background that is becoming more prominent. We learn suprising information about the character that adds to the complexity and makes the reader want to know more about what drives him.

Ready to devore book 3!

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