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Saturday, September 24, 2011


My rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

"You want it baby? he murmured, as he jerked himself with long, tantalizing pulls.

"You want this buried so deep you can taste it when I come?"


I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. Sad, yet excited,  to be starting the 6th and final book. That being said, this enstallment is my least favorite of the series, to date. I understand that is series is actually written by two authors but I really couldn't tell until this book. I feel as though the first part of the book was written by someone other than the author that wrote the majority of books 1-4. The style was different, it actually ran slow and I was bored. I remember telling a friend that I didn't know what happened, I felt like someone else had taken over and it just wasn't working. At all.

There are four main characters in book 5. Chance (SEAL), Logan, son of owner of Global Weapons Corporation, Sela and Marlena, both of whom are ACRO agents. The build up for these four characters really lacked, for me at least. It was hard for me to even care about the characters, aside from Marlena. Marlena only because I've gotten to know and care about the character throughout the series.

Around chapter 12, when Creed and Annika reappeared, everything changed. Actually, I noticed a shift around chapter 10. The book started reading like the previous books, I woke up, literally, and enjoyed it from that point on. This book features another shape shifter and I have to say, I wasn't thrilled with the "beast"  chosen for the character to shift into. For some reason it just fell really flat for me and even somewhat cheesy.

After the, what seemed to be an author switch, I was able to actually get invested on the two new couples introduced. Both couples started to relate to one another on a more emotional level without losing the steam and sheer hotness that I've grown accustomed to while reading this series. While I eventually grew to care about the four main characters of this book, once again, Creed and Annika stole the show. There is a huge development for this couple and I have to say, this book holds what I believe is one of their hottest scenes to date.

We also get a sneak peek of Stryker who will be featured in book 6. Stryker is 6'5" with crystal clear eyes, with hints of green and blue. Nicknamed "Kaleidoscope eyes" by his Kindergarden girlfriend. He's blonde and has the power to create earthquakes. Am I excited to start book 6? That would be a yes. I just hope it reads like the first 4 books of the series. Here's to hoping the best has been saved for last.

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