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Thursday, September 29, 2011


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

It was like someone was yanking his nuts out of his body through his throat. "Again," he rasped, because said testicles were lodged in his esophagus.


I am so sad to have reached the end of this series. Fingers crossed for a spinoff because there are so many more stories to tell. A new generation of agents, hybrid agents at that. Would make for an amazing tale.

When you mix a Telekinetic and a Excedosapien with super strength, you get Stryker. Stryker is a son of ACRO of sorts. Born and raised on the compound, both parents are ACRO agents. As a child, Stryker put a whole new meaning to "terrible two's". Just one temper tantrum away from bringing a whole building down...or worse. Stryker is an elementalist. He can bring forth earthquakes, volcanos, Tsunamis, mudslides and even avalanches. Natural disasters, that powerful force, also pulls at his sex drive.

If just his "nature" alone doesn't make him dangerous enough, Stryker is aching for revenge. Supervisor, mentor, friend, Akbar Shatar was brutally murdered, burned alive right in front of a then helpless Stryker. At the hands of a beautiful but lethal Itor agent, Phoebe Milan. There is more to Phobe than meets the eye, literally. She's the result of genetic tampering via ITOR. She and her twin sister Melanie share a body but are actually two different people, two different special "gifts". The sisters take sibling rivalry to a whole nother level, fighting for dominance of the one body.

I really enjoyed this last book of the ACRO series. Not only did we get the delcious story of Stryker but a nice wrap up of all the existing stories that still remained. The sex scenes were, once again, off the charts. There is a scene that takes place in a SUV after a training session....just. wow.. That being said, I should warn readers that there is a rape scene that I was especially disturbed by. There is also a suprising threesome that had me grinning from ear to ear and squealing like the ultimate fangirl.

For me, Creed, Annika and Dev were the driving forces for the entire series. I was thrilled to see how front and center they were at the ending of this book, how their stories were wrapped up. I was fully satisified but still want more. Creed is right...."Fuck Disney Land. Because all in all ACRO was the happiest damn place on earth."

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