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Saturday, September 10, 2011


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"So. Good." She closed her eyes and rocked on top of him.

"It'd be better if I wasn't worried about accidentally bleeding out."
She still had her knife pressed to his jugular...


Seduced by the Storm is the third installment of the ACRO series and it just keeps getting better and better. This review is going to be one of the hardest I've ever written. That's only because it was.. JUST.  THAT. GOOD. I have to be careful to not spoil it for anyone even though I'm so tempted to just gush endlessly.

I'll start with Wyatt. Hmm..Wyatt. He's an ACRO agent, a former SEAL, with a tortured past. Thing that tortures him most is that he can't remember. There is a window of time, that resulted in the death of a family member, that Wyatt simply cannot recall. Not completely, and especially not clearly. While Wyatt is scarred, both on his chest and thigh from his SEAL days, it's the internal scars that haunt him most. His special ability is not only Telekinesis but a sexual allure that cannot be denied. He's able to release an extremely potent level of pheromones, making him literally...irresistable. There is a downside to such a power, a downside that has prevented Wyatt from having any type of real relationship, or ever believing he could.

Wyatt is  fiercely loyal to ACRO therefore he pushes his own demons aside, driving forward on his mission. With the safety of not only the American people in mind, but global security, Wyatt finds himself in search for a weather machine that has generated a possible level 5, if not higher hurricane set to wreak havoc along America's east coast. Find it and destroy it. Mission accomplished.

Enter Faith Black. A lovely British independent agent in search of the same machine but for different reasons. After a brief meeting in a bar and a would be one night stand, both Faith and Wyatt are stunned to see one another yet again. Even more so when they must to be allies, atleast temporarily to get their hands on the motherboard and out of harms way with both their lives in tact. Their story is one of passion, questionable trust, loyalty, self discovery and healing of scars. Beautifully done, very intense, raw emotion and scorching sex scenes. Hellicopter...'nuff said.Well done.

If that's not enough, more Creed and Annika. Again, I can never get enough of those two. There was so much growth and development for them in this book. I laughed and cried...not to mention...the heat factor. Wow. Their relationship from the beginning, has been a power struggle of sorts. Annika won't give up any and Creed simply wants her, all of her. Tragedy strikes leaving Creed feeling empty and ready to just walk away from it all. Sometimes, good can emerge from tragedy and in this case, it cracks them open, reveals them and forces them to makes choices and sacrifices to determine their future. Beautiful. I still feel this pairing should have gotten their own book but, I don't feel cheated. I just hope I haven't heard the last of those two. I want to know if Creed is still watching Soaps. Haha.

Dev. This is a hard one because, his pain, for me, is the most heartwrenching. As the leader of ACRO he has to maintain a specific image. One of strength and leadership, even when his world shatters all around him. His love story is one you'll feel in your bones. Have your kleenex ready. I can't wait to see what "love" will bring forth for him down the road.

It was nice to hear from Remy and Haley again as well. Where there's a storm, Remy can always be found.

This installment is, by far, my favorite to date. So much packed into one book, never a dull moment, never a normal heart rate, or a dry eye. Loved it.

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