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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just me and my Kindle!

I know not everyone is on the Kindle train. I too was hesitant. I love books. The feel of them, the smell. I held out for quite awhile. Even now, my favorites of favorites, I own both the kindle addition and the hard/paperback. I like the look of certain books on my shelves. I can't deny the convience of my Kindle though. The freebies alone makes it worth it. I've stumbled upon so many amazing indie writers that I may never have known had it not been for my Kindle.

I started with just downloading the app to my desktop. Before I knew it I had over 30 free books. Good books. Most were free, some .99. Have you been to a book store lately??!!

 Amazon's freebie list is constantly changing but here are some of the most recent free downloads I've loaded to my kindle. Just click the title to be taken directly to Enjoy!

My Lady Taken (Archangels) by Shirl Anders

Vampires in Devil Town by Wayne Hixon

Quinn, a Vampire Watchers' Story (Royal Blood Chronicles)-by Elizabeth Loraine

Through a Dark Mist (Robin Hood Trilogy) by Marsha Canham

Summer Loving by Tina Folsom and Bella Andre

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