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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Help me find you Jess."~Sed

Just stand there and look pretty. That was my thought more than once in regards to poor Sed. Nothing comes out right. Ever. Gorgeous lead singer of rock bad "Sinners", Sed puts the "group" in groupies. Never just one woman at a time, it takes an entourage. Every woman at his feet, except the one that got away, but not before she hurled her ring at him and told him what he could do with it. While he has'nt seen her in two years, she's never far from his mind, he keeps her picture close and often loses himself in it when he thinks no one is watching.

What should be a happy occassion ultimately turns into an all out brawl as Sed spies Jessica in the last place he ever imagined. This creates a ripple effect for not only Sed and Jessica but other members of the band.

This was another great read in this Sinners On Tour series. Sed is as hot as he is infuriating. Just when you're ready to wash your hands of him, he would say "You're yelling" , that boyish charm slips, the dimples appear and it's back to swooning over Sed. He is his own worst enemy. I love the dynamic between he and Jessica and how they play off of one another. The reader gets to see the softer side of Sed even if he has an ass backwards way of showing it.

This installment takes on a more serious tone due to some injuries and repercussions of those injuries. How the band came together in the midst of it all made them that much more endearing to me.

While the romantic pairings and sex scenes in this series is scorching hot, for me, it takes backseat to the band itself. The best relationship is that of the band members with one another. There is a scene where Eric is driving Sed home and the back and forth between them is just perfect. I laughed out loud, the duct tape....

They're like brothers. They fight, bitch and moan but love each other to a fault. There is one band member in particular who's love goes beyond and he just breaks my heart. I can't wait for Ms. Cunning to releast book 3!

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