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Saturday, June 11, 2011


La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust (Book 1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Please note that the author provided me with this book to read and review. That being said, the fact that I got it for free, has nothing to do with the fact that I absolutely LOVED this book.

La Luxure takes place in modern day New Orleans. The author did an amazing job of painting the city and providing the reader with rich detail and the spirit that is The French Quarters.

Julia is a smart, single woman in N.O. on business. She is an engineer and post Katrina N.O. just makes sense, to hold a conference for those in her field. Jane has a quirky, radical sister and furry friend at home and that's about it. She's had no luck at love and spends most of her free time reading PNR novels. There was a nod to the Black Dagger Brotherhood that had me unleashing my fan girl squeal.

Julia sees this business trip as an opportunity to let her hair down, reinvent herself and live a little. While out sight seeing, Julia's visit becomes much more intersting....and questionable. From an odd card reading to stumbling into a Goth bar named La Luxure, Julia finds herself drawn to the dark, mysterious Armand. She knows she should run, but in which direction? Towards him or as far into the other direction as her feet can take her.

Armand is pure, raw, sex in motion. That much is obvious. What's not so obvious is who and what is he exactly? Aside from being the owner of Luxure, Julia soons finds out he is also an important figure head in a "Community" that she knows nothing about. After on of Luxure's regulars is found dead and drained, Julia becomes fearful of what she's gotten herself into and even more fearful that she can't seem to just walk away.

This book was nothing short of fascinating. Loved Julia as the female lead. She's well written and you can't help but to pull for her. Armand of course is just Dee. Lish. Us. The sex scenes are scorching hot, I mean FILTHY hot. But at the same time, the banter between the two leads, no matter the what emotion happens to be between them at the moment, it's just so charming end endeearing. Even the supporting cast is memorable. I loved Cindi the bartender, Mike the ass and even Dave. The scene where Julia's two "worlds" collided at the parade was priceless!

I was pleasently thrown against the wall as the main "twist" of this book unveiled itself in the last few chapters. Completely blindsided and thrilled at the same time. I simply cannot wait for de Sang to come out. C.D. Hussey is an author to watch. Spectacular.

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