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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"The little kitten has claws," Dorian said intrigued. "I like that."~Dorian Vlakhos

I am so in love with this book. I will admit, the cover gave me pause. I'm just glad I did'nt allow me to miss out on such an amazing book. I have found yet another "sex in motion" type of male lead in Dorian Vlakhos. He is perfectly written, perfect within his flaws. He is a cursed Vampire King who is on a mission to save his people. Around town, however, he's known as the aristocrat with a very naughty reputation and the ability to turn every female head in his vicinity. Why he can ruin a ladies reputation with just one dance. in motion.

Tragedy strikes, leading Victoria Kingston and her little sister Margaret on the doorstep of their bitter old Aunt Nelly. Victoria is a disgrace to the family name and Aunt Nelly wants her gone. She must marry within 30 days or never see her little sister again. With little Margaret being Victoria's whole world, she sets out on a mission to find a husband.

The two worlds collide when Dorian spies Victoria for the first time at a social event. It was lust at first sight and he was determined to get her into his bed. He was'nt prepared to be challenged and met toe to toe by this fiesty lovely. She knew the rumors and told him as much. She was on a mission and could'nt be bothered with his sexual conquests. Even though he stirred feelings in her that she never knew existed.

I would best describe Caressed by Moonlight as an erotic, historical, paranormal romance. For me, this equalls win/win. The author really brought the chemistry off the page. The battle of the wits made for such an entertaining read. This book has some exceptionally hot and steamy sex scenes while at the same time, building on such a raw, romantic love story, it was so easy to get lost in this book. It has everything, sexy vamps, strong women, romance, action and a great supporting cast. Ms. Greene's take on Dorian's history, how he was changed was just...perfect.

I cannot wait for Caressed by Night to be released!! Brilliant.

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