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Sunday, June 5, 2011


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Absolutely LOVED this book. I was lucky enough to recieve a pdf file from Ms. Mayburn to read and review.
Eliana is the typical college girl. Rushing to class, part time job, quirky roommate, and a huge crush on her new hot professor. What Eliana does'nt know is that she's special, in line to become a Chosen of the Gods. Gods that Eliana herself is'nt sure she believes in. Being raised by two atheist parents, she can't help but to question.

Aiden (aka Mr. Klemenson) recongnizes one of his own almost immediately, for he too is a Chosen. What he was'nt counting on was his pull towards her. He has to focus, do his job as her Mentor, while keeping his hormones and heart in check.

Eliana is a great female lead. Ms. Mayburn kept her youthful without becoming childish. She's both strong and soft, a force to be reckoned with. I love that Ms. Mayburn developed the sexual tension right out the gate, the forbidden aspect of it and the threats such tension could generate.

I appreciated all the popculture references while maintaining the seriousness of the storyline. I especially liked the fact that Crissy (Eliana's roommate)noted her mom teaching a Zumba class on the weekend. Kept the book modern without becoming cheesy.

The sex scenes in this book are off the charts. HOT without coming across as raunchy. Very sensual and engaging but very raw and primal at the same time.

This book also has a great supporting cast. Crissy is a delight, Devon and his mother raise questions, and Jack (Aiden's best friend) was very close to steeling the entire show as he became a stronger presence in the storyline. I absolutely loved his character, his humor. Just perfect. I hope he continues to be a large part of this series.

Overall, this was a fantastic beginning to a series. whose possibilities are endless. Simply delicious. Brava.

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