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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1)

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I decided to take a little break from my vamps when goodreads friend Rachel suggested this series. I figured rock stars are the next best thing to vamps anyway so why not? I expected this to simply be a fast paced, smut fest (Rachel loves her smut! *wink*). That's exactly what this is, but with HEART.

I absolutely loved this book. It had it all, SEX (and I do mean HAWT sex), romance, love, humor...I could go on and on. It was an emotional rollercoaster for me because not only does it quicken your heart rate but there are so many laugh out loud moments and "awww" moments as well.

Myrna is the female lead who basically leads a very plain, boring life as a psychology professor. That is until she spies her favorite rock band drinking in they bar of her hotel. While smitten by the boys looks, it's Brian, aka "Master Sinclair" that really catches her eye. He's the drunk one....on the floor. Myrna has a dangerous past that has basically caused her to shut down emotionally but physically....she can't resist the allure of Mr. Sinclair.

Brian "Master" Sinclair. There are no words. Rock god, sex on a stick, "romantic retard". :) Brian's heart has been nothing but broken. Over and over again. Myrna gets under his skin immediately. On a level that suprises even him. And worries his closest friends and bandmates. They're tired of seeing his heart broken, even though one of them has contributed it.

I have to admit that I'm still not completely sold on Myrna. On one hand, she's a strong female lead, on the other hand, I wanted to just shake her at times. I get her initial reservations, given her past but OMG.....what's it gonna take?? FLASH CARDS?...but I digress...

Supporting cast is fantastic. I love each and every one of the bandmates. I think I'm especially drawn to Trey, can't wait to read his full story. Eric...who is always banging his head..repeatedly, he made me laugh out loud. Sed, lead singer and resident ass...still pulled on my heart strings a bit, can't wait to read his book next.

This book is definately an "erotic" read. I don't know that I've ever read a book that managed to squeeze in so much sex. And believe me when I say, it is done in every single possible way that I could ever imagine. Granted, some sex scenes were'nt my bag per say. I mean, there are some things that I just WILL. NOT. DO. That being said, it did'nt turn me off from the characters or the book in the slightest. Without spoiling, I will say that there is a threesome and while not my thing, it was a highlight for me but only because an emotional connection was revealed plainly for the first time. That, broke my heart a little and reminded me of another pairing from a totally different book/author/series. Apparently, I've got vamps on the brain at all times, no matter what I'm reading!

Can't wait to start book 2. Love me some rockstars with big hearts, not to mention, I now have an odd fascination with ketchup........

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