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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fan Fic Friday-Lover Redeemed

It's FRIDAY!!! That means more fantastic fanfic to get your weekend started right. This week, my choice fanfic is based on The Black Dagger Brotherhood's "QHUAY" *insert fangirl squeal* I'm addicted to the pair and I'm not alone. I am so thankful for all the great writers out there, providing us with fanfic in the meantime.....

Recently on goodreads, a poster questioned why such a strong fanbase? What is it about these two,  in particular that create such a passionate following. I mean, they have'nt even had their HEA. Yet here we are....on pins and needles...waiting. Patiently. (OR NOT) *wink*

My response was this.....

For me, it's the raw vulnerablitly of the two. The other pairings, while HOT and the chemistry is off the charts, alot of it was "chemical" right out the gate but built from there. With Qhuay, it was the opposite. Their "dance" is a slow burn and it blurs that fine line between a deep rooted friendship and an explosive passion. Both walking that tight rope is a beautiful thing to "witness" for me the reader.

How about you? What is it about "Qhuay"? While you think on it, enjoy todays read from LILY

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