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Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1

While November is still a few months away, BD fever is already stirring. If you tuned in to this past Sundays MTV Movie Awards, you were treated to the first Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer. I watched, I DVR'ed, I all but threw a party.

Granted, I know The Twilight Saga is'nt everyone's cup of tea but I am a fan. Both of the books and the movies. Could the movies EVER be as good as the books? No, of course not but I do enjoy them. I will say, I've questioned some casting choices, as well as wardrobe decisions but, all in all, I'm a total fan girl to the Saga.

I love the look of the new trailor. I love that  author Stephenie Meyer,  screenwriter Melissa Rosenburg and producer, Wyck Godfrey all at the wedding. The honeymoon scenes look great (especially at 1:18 of the 1:59. Just sayin'............) I'm also loving that "Edward" finally gets to really put his hands on, not just "Bella", but "Jacob" (I had to look closely to make sure that was him) as well! Bout time...but I digress.

So, for those who ARE fans of the movies, what do you think of the new trailer?


  1. I'm a big Twilight fan, and as much flack as the movies get, I still love them--even though I agree, some of the casting choices were odd.I find it funny that most people who complain about the movies either A. Didn't read the books, B. Are just jumping on the bandwagon to complain for the sake of trendiness, or C.Are expecting a masterpiece. Could the dialogue be a little better? Yeah. Are some parts lacking? Sure. But if you're a fan girl, they're great regardless. :) As for the new trailer, I love it and am super excited. Finally indeed. Lots of good stuff to look forward to! Thanks for the post and sharing the trailer.

  2. splintered wood.

    nuff said.